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When playing antique Di, often encountered luminous part is gone, but still love it yellowed uniform point scale on the dial, is how the evolution of this magical light-emitting substance to this it? I came to a summary below.

– Yep, June 20, 2019 After luminous paint on the aging antique Di disk, the day will show a very contemporary yellow 1910, Radium radium Around 1910, because the Curies discovered radium Radium in 1898, in terms of cost and production has with the conditions of industrial production, coupled with the demands of the war, so quickly popular in military equipment and military list.

Radioactive radium Radium Radium luminous paint system has its advantages, in 1600 its long half-life decisions without touching the water will not easily aging.

But the risks of this material is also very clear – radioactivity.

Although less radium content and watch with cover glass, but prolonged exposure will be at risk.

Here, there is little need to explain, because the water is not very good antique table, so the modern system of radium luminous paint amount of surviving wife of the very few, most of them are business table refurbished new luminous tan.

In 1949, Tritium tritium Because highly radioactive radium paint after popular for some time, began to be restricted to the civilian market.

Instead, a tritium (3H) – Tritium tritium.

And Ra is similar to that from the outside without the need to absorb energy from light, but the laser radiation is much smaller than in the use of natural is also much safer.

The only problem is that tritium half-life of 12.

5 years.

Therefore, in order to watch as tritium luminous paint, and spent more than a decade later, the time scale will begin to gradually turn yellow until losing luminous.

This is also the reason for Antique labor Luminous will change even eclipsed.

Antique Rolex tritium luminous paint aging January 1949, Panerai to produce tritium as a base Luminor trademark of luminous paint, since opened tritium for nearly 50 years in the field of luminous watch dominance.

Labeling the disk, there are two main ways, as a “T Swiss Made T”, it represents the amount of tritium used meet safety standards; two “T <25", the amount of radiation is tritium Curie less than 25 units.

In 1993, Luminova In 1993, a new luminous materials Luminova born, from Nemoto & Co.

, Ltd.

, composed of inorganic aluminate and other elements.

Compared to the previous radium or tritium, one hand different emission mechanism, because the material does not have any radioactive, it is not self-luminous, but subject to the electroluminescent light energized; on the other hand has a very good chemical stability, life is not easy in the phenomenon of aging appear.

In 2000, Super-Luminova In 1998, Swiss RC TRITEC Ltd.

and Japan Nemoto & Co.


established a joint venture LumiNova AG Switzerland, and launched an enhanced version of Luminova –Super-Luminova in 2000, it is now the major luminous paint was widely used brand watches.

Compared to previous generations of luminous material, Super-Luminova has the following three advantages: ① luminous colors richer In addition to the green and blue, not only has white, yellow, purple, may also by mixing the colors to prepare a special color.

Wherein the color to be distinguished “C + digit” code.

For example, C1 = white, C3 = yellow, C7 = green .






② no radiation Super-Luminova main component is strontium aluminate, are not radioactive, it is not self-luminous, a light phase of the need for energy storage.

It is reported that 10 to 20 minutes to the irradiation continues to emit light in the dark for 8 to 10 hours.

③ color constancy Super-Luminova of luminous color and brightness over time theoretically not aging, in other words, when the watch is bought luminous blue, over a few decades to son, or blue! Rolex Chromalight Super-Luminova is the current mainstream watch market, but by no means unique.

For example, Rolex from 2008 on DEEPSEA used is Chromalight luminous material (phosphor powder, into the liquid resin, and then applied to a luminous display section), blue light in the dark environment is very bright, than the watch industry conventional standards.

Bovet patent, the world’s first luminous micro-painted enamel Yep accompany remind Super-LumiNova popular now, and creative world-famous HYT in 2015 launched the watch industry alone this a motor light.

After the case initiated by the crown at the 4:30 position, the movement of the generator will be the mechanical energy into electrical energy to light the LED lamp contained.

In this case the irradiation source, the loading of fluorescent nanoparticles absorb light transparent composite dial starts emitting light.

As 2017 came the H4 Neo, usually transparent color, once started, constitutes a dazzling like a purple neon-like scene.

| Psalm 119: 105 | Your word is a lamp my feet and a light for my path.

Ta parole est une lampe a mes pieds, Et une lumiere sur mon sentier.

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