Tag Heuer showed unusual carbon Monaco for the charity

Photo: magazine.tagheuer.com

Friends! 4 months before the start of the 9th Only Watch auction, the organizers of the charity biennale lifted the veil of secrecy over the fact that 54 auction participants will be put up for auction. Among the most spectacular lots can be noted model Tag Heuer Only Watch Carbon Monaco.

The black case, dial and bracelet of the model create a spectacular and slightly ominous image. It bears a certain resemblance to the Monaco “Dark Lord” watch, which was produced in small editions in the mid-1970s.

Photo: magazine.tagheuer.com

The body is made of carbon fiber, which is not new to Tag Heuer. The skeletonized dial, created by TAG Heuer’s partner ArteCad, is also made of carbon fiber. The aesthetics of the dial on the one hand resemble the architectural forms of the industrial era, in which the Tag Heuer brand was born. On the other hand, this design clearly has a reference to the world of racing cars, which TAG Heuer knows better than any other watch manufacturer. Each face of the dial is handcrafted using traditional watchmaking techniques.

In the holes of the dial, the mechanism is partially visible. This is an upgraded Heuer 02 calibre with a carbon balance spiral that has a power reserve of 80 hours of battery life. The carbon spiral provides the mechanism with increased resistance to shock load, magnetization and temperature changes. All those factors that usually disable a watch.

Photo: magazine.tagheuer.com

For the spectacular appearance of the mechanism (at least from the back side), you need to say thank you to the specialists of the company Artime, who decorated the caliber by hand. Of the 10 different finishing options, the so-called gratté technique was chosen. With its help, the mechanism managed to reproduce the pattern of the checkered flag, which in Formula 1 races indicate the finish. In addition to the “checkers”, attentive chasomans will certainly note other types of finishing: Angle, mirror polishing, circular grain, pearl grain, sandblasting and other traditional finishing techniques.

Photo: magazine.tagheuer.com

The uniqueness of the model is emphasized by an unusual strap. It is made of leather with the addition of silicone, which was given the shape of a bracelet. As stated in TAG Heuer, the company used such equipment for the first time.

Please note that in the design of the watch there are accents of orange and yellow colors, which are declared the official colors of Only Watch2021. In particular, the arrows are highlighted in orange (the phosphor should also be in the Only Watch palette). The bright yellow-orange stripe that outlines the rotor is hand-drawn by miniature artist André Martínez, who has specialized in painting watches since 1978. Imagine the effect of rotating the rotor.

Estimate: CHF 50,000 – 100,000.

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