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Who are you, Mr.

Styrling? Stuhrling 392.

01: not for snob The design clings Quality of execution Impressions of use Let’s summarize Yuri Utkin, a watch lover and a permanent author of reviews in time forums, shared his impressions and his opinion about the unusual model Stuhrling 392.


A huge, causing chronograph Stuhrling 392.

01 – is definitely not for snobs and minimalists.

You are unlikely to wear it with a suit and definitely will not come to the meeting of the club of watches in it.

But there is something that pulls this watch again and admire the azure shine and marks soaring over the mechanism.

Who are you, Mr.

Styrling? Many sites, starting with the “official Russian Stuhrling site”, talk about the Swiss roots of the brand: as if Max Shturling’s watchmaker worked with Louis Odemar (the father of the founder of Audemars Piguet).

And in the 2000s, the descendant of Sturling, together with the entrepreneur Haim Fisher, created the Prashcheur watch company.

However, among the hourly brands it is fashionable to find Swiss origins, especially if production is much east of Switzerland.

There are no stories on the official Stuhrling website.

They say that in 2002 the company founded Ham Fisher, and it began with inexpensive Chinese turbines.

True, China is not said directly.

Like, Mr.

Fisher was told that normal turbiions were made only in one place on Earth (apparently in Switzerland).

But he found something else – where all cool companies produce their products, for example, Apple (the hint is understood).

The place of registration of the company is New York.

In specialized forums, they say that the capacities are in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Caliber, apparently, Japanese in quartz watches and Chinese Seagull – in mechanics.

Well, good.

Seiko and Miyota have good mass quartz calibers, and Seagull is a company with a 70-year history, the world’s largest mechanical caliber manufacturer, up to multi-axial turbions.

Still Stuhrling is known for a large number of homazhs – both on the cult models of Rolex, and for niche Cartier Ballon Bleu or Hamilton Ventura.

Stuhrling 1001.

01 42 390 p Stuhrling 3935.

1 11 390 p Homazhi on Ballon Bleu de Cartier (left) and on Rolex Datejust (right) Stuhrling 392.

01: not for snob Ckeleton and a decorative bridge on a quartz, a groovy head-on, a large date, a chronograph with a “doctoral” marking for the pulse measurement, a huge body with shining polishing on all surfaces, a violent-blue radiance of arrows and marks, a blue stuffed leather strap-I suspect that I suspect that In a person who appreciates the aesthetics of classic costume, Stuhrling 392.

01 will cause a persistent misunderstanding.

Stuhrling 392.

01 34 290 p And for some reason they reminded me of Swiss ICONS-a bold joke of a combination of just in the world from the celestials of the Moser & Cie watch Olympus.


Moser & Cie Swiss ICONS WATCH (Source – Vedomosti).

The clock is composed of the most recognizable details of Rolex, IWC, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Breguet and other legendary brands.

For them, Moser instantly received many publications and accusations of plagiarism.

The next day, the company refused to promote the model: accusations became irrelevant, and PR remained.

Strictly speaking, Stuhrling 392.

01 is really more bright than elegant or stylish.

Nevertheless, I consider them interesting and deserving.

The design clings In the catalog of the watch, Stuhrling 392.

01 attracted attention at first sight.

True, the impression was not the best: “This is a vinaigrette!” But the clock did not leave memory; I opened the page again, and from a second glance I, surprisingly, liked them.

Yes, I am subjective because I love the blue watch.

The color scheme 392.

01 is completely in my taste, especially the color of the shooters and marks-bright blue, shining in the light and pouring saturated dark in the shade.

With this juicy color I want to admire more and more, but the same black watch does not cause absolutely any emotions.

Nevertheless, there are clearly successful details in the “vinaigrette”.

The hourly and minute arrows are voluminous, with an edge along the entire length (the edges are beautifully caught by light-one half of the arrow is dark, the second bright blue).

Inscriptions – brand, marking for the pulse measurement, numbers on the arena of the chronograph – saturated and convex.

But the best overhead volumetric marks.

90% of their length is fixed on the opaque white part of the dial, the rest is on the translucent plate through which the mechanism is visible.

It turns out that the tip of the mark seems to soar over the mechanism.

Skeletonized dial is a rare guest in quartz watches, because quartz calibers are not particularly interesting: nothing moves, there are no small complex details.

But in Stuhrling 392.

01 there are discs and gears of double date-large enough to observe at least some action under the dial.

True, admiring unheated metal details and white plastic gears is a dubious pleasure.

I don’t like skeletonization.

But the translucent dial – where it is not skeletonized – like it.

A fine wavy guilloche is applied to it.

It does not catch the eye, but gracefully blurs the outlines of the details under it and in general it looks very nice (and also to make a plastic disk with a pattern is clearly easier than to guillogue metal details).

The double date switches clearly and evenly, the numbers stand in the center of the aperture, and the apertures themselves are covered with a neatly thin polished frame.

It harmonizes with polished contours of subciatric.

In my opinion, exemplary performance.

The case is not decorated with anything except the groove head head.

As the only decoration, it looks very good.

And it is also large and seized – it is convenient to use.

Stuhrling 392.

01 is huge: 47 mm in diameter, almost 55 mm from the ears to the ear, almost 15 mm in thickness.

In size, it makes sense.

Bright watches with large elements and visible gears are made to be a noticeable accessory.

In large size, it is even more noticeable.

In addition, a multi -layer dial and a little “air” above it fit into the thick case.

In combination with a convex glass-lines at an angle, distortions are obtained that can be admired.

Quality of execution I will say right away: the naked eyes of the flaws are not visible.

If you peer meticulously, they are.

But when the clock is on your hand, it is unlikely that anyone will notice them-and you will not notice if you do not set the goal.

I did not succeed in finding a toceleous text and numbers, everything is even (except a little fuzzy points above the U in the name Stuhrling).

The numbers of a large date from afar look normal, but with an increase, it is clear that the boundaries of some numbers are “floating”.

Blue marks are beautiful and voluminous, the only flaw – tags of 15 and 45 are located at different distance from the edge of polished round arenas.

This is a feature of the model, not the marriage of a particular copy – in the photo of others, the same unevenness is visible.

In the watch of this price segment, it would be strange to expect the thermal stir of arrows and marks.

I think they are painted and then cut out of metal.

It is difficult to consider the side part of the shooter, because at the coat -coat dial, the convex dials for this angle creates strong distortions.

And yet it seems that the sidewalls are not painted.

The cutting is quite neat.

There are no plugs on the axes of the shooter, but Stuhrling is not Rolex.

Glass – Krysterna.

Among the hourly brands, it is found in Stuhrling and maybe in Akribos (if you heard about this).

According to Stuhrling itself, this glass was originally designed for expensive glasses.

It is almost as strong to blows as mineral, and almost as resistant to scratches as sapphire.

Many hourly companies have similar glasses – for example, invicta hardened mineral fusion, mineral glasses with sapphire coating by brands from Nicky to Seiko.

Judging by the reviews, Krysterna is really not bad – the watch owners do not complain about scratches on glass.

The case shines like something expensive, but made simply.

There is neither alternation of different types of processing, no champs, no clear faces on complex surfaces.

There are only three details: a noble without jewelry, actually a case and a back cover with small laser engraving.

The ears are made with a claim to the decoration, with an influx, a division in the central part.

However, the faces are rounded, blurry.

And most importantly – the entire case is rolled into polishing, that is, it will be easy to collect scratches.

On the other hand, such processing theoretically allows you to polish the scratched clock without special risks to spoil the geometry and finish.

Impressions of use The first and most importantly is the size.

55 mm from the ears to the ear hard to sit on a thin wrist (like mine).

The ears, fortunately, are strongly bent down-only thanks to this the clock is at least somehow holding on the arm.

And one and a half centimeter thickness does not allow the clock to slip out from under the sleeve.

A shirt or a cardigan also stubbornly do not want to cover the clock that appeared from under them again, and you suddenly find that you wear a defiantly bright Stuhrling defiantly in sight.

On board there is a chronograph for 60 minutes.

The subciatric “at 9 hours” shows minutes, “for 3 hours” – tenths of a second.

The central second hand at the usual time stands still, in the chronograph regimen considers seconds.

The upper button launches and stops the chronograph, the lower dumps the readings.

The buttons are tight, pressed with a pleasant effort and with a click.

Marking for measuring the pulse works as follows: start the chronograph, count 30 heart beats (the watch indicates “Base 30 Pulsations”), stop the chronograph.

For the sake of interest, I tested this function: sometimes you do not have time to press a tight button along with the first heart impact, the readings are approximate, but in general you can apply.

In most quartz hours, a second arrow inaccurately gets into the tags.

There is no such problem on Stuhrling 392.


For a small second “6 hours” there is no markup – she just has nothing to get into.

In a large second, active only in the chronograph mode, a smooth, almost mechanical move – 4 steps per second (this corresponds to a frequency of 14,400 half -glitting per hour – the level of pocket hours of the last century).

Therefore, the issue of inaccurate hit is also removed.

The clockwork head is not screwed.

In the first position he transfers the date, in the second – time (by the way, a small second also stops so that the setting is more accurate).

Water resistance – 50 meters.

It’s enough for life, but you will not begin to jump into the pool in such watches.

Readability is three with a minus.

From a half -look, it will not be possible to understand the time, you will have to look closely, where in all this blue splendor the sentry and minute arrows.

By the way, there is no luma.

Blue arrows catch the slightest reflections even at dusk, but if it is really dark-consider that you are without a clock.

And a little taste: in my opinion, these watches are combined only with the casual style, maybe with a slope in sport (polo, shirts with a touched sleeve).

Nevertheless, Stuhrling 392.

01 has a lot of elements with a claim for severity (a leather strap for a crocodile, a loud head, elegant slotted arrows, etc.

)-therefore, with a T-shirt, for example, it is difficult for me to present them.

And also, given the bright blue color, it is desirable that the clothes also have blue elements.

Let’s summarize Did I like the clock? Definitely yes – albeit with many reservations.

Would I wear this watch? Yes, to the mood and the corresponding style – and if my wrist were half a centimeter wider.

Who would I advise this watch? A man with a powerful wrist who likes to be bright.

Who would I advise this watch? To the one who chooses the only clock.

To those who have a thin wrist or a fundamental position on the aesthetics of watches.

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