Stars chose Pasquale Bruni for Oscar Party

Stars choose Pasquale Bruni

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Stars chose Pasquale Bruni for Oscar Party
Mary Ja Blige and Dita TIZ background appeared in the brand ornaments
Singer Mary Jay Bligey appeared at the evening of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 28 in the center of Wallis Annenberg in Beverly Hills in the Precious Necklace Pasquale Bruni and the Casa Reale diamond earrings.
The actress and singer Zendai came to the dinner dinner of WEINSTEIN Company in front of the Oscar award ceremony in a diamond necklace and Pasquale Bruni earrings.
The brand decorations chose and dita the background of the TIZ, which became a guest of the annual evening organized by the Elton John Foundation to combat AIDS. His outfit Dita TIZ add necklace and diamonds and yellow beryl earring.

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