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The fashion for massive body, take over the world in recent years, is not spared and square chronographs wonderful example – a model of the BR 01 Bell & Ross, the size of its square enclosure with sides.

46 mm superior to all the hours we describe.

Like other brands, young French brand does not miss an opportunity to emphasize their connection with aviation.

Therefore, in the Paris bureau of Bell & Ross, which is located near the Elysee Palace, with passion used for advertising and marketing purposes pictures elegant pilots of military aircraft, on which you can see the hands of Bell & Ross watch.

Involvement in aviation a very special way is expressed in BR 01 model line, which was introduced in 2005.

All models in this series, all the watches of this brand are manufactured in Switzerland.

When a version BR 01-94 can justifiably doubt supplies this clock to the square.

Formally, the body retains all the features of the squares of equal blued hand housing, and in addition to it chronographic rectangular button.

However, the true square clock is assumed by the presence of the square dial.

But designers BR 01-94 departed from the rules and gave the traditional model of a round dial.

Their choice is clear: they wanted to give the chronograph type of classic board clock.

Note that the onboard clock, which, unfortunately, have fallen victim to quartz technology, fastened with screws to the dashboard and plants by protruding from the housing front crown.

Four screws with larger heads fixed front portion Monocoque type housing.

Clockwork roller which, as usual, protrudes laterally at the housing of such design consists of several parts.

To open the clock, the watchmaker has to pull out of the housing screwed into the crown end of the roller, while the working part of the winding stem is in the mechanism.

Surprisingly «flat» – Bell & Ross clock with a thickness of 11.

5 mm (above) Flat, filled with inscriptions bottom piece body (photo below left) Zipper is not necessary: ​​the textile strap is fastened with Velcro (photo below right) Extremely wide and therefore well suited for the application of fluorescent substance layer decent direction as and very noticeable hour marks and numerals, easy to read even in the dark.

Provided with a screwed crown, clock retain water resistance to a depth of 30 meters, or up to 3 atmospheres.

shell structure in which the detachable strap lugs are inserted into the body sides and screwed from the back side, allow cleverly used heavy wristwatch as a desktop.

For this metamorphosis only need to remove the strap eyelets as well as the base will play a plinth at the bottom edge (at the level of the number 6) and insert the top side.

To use the clock for their original purpose, ie as a wristwatch, a selection of straps in rubber and synthetic fabric.

Last much easier and, in addition, it has the advantage of a smooth change in length, which also underlines the professional character and hours.

Unusually large dimensions and considerable weight (172 grams) chronograph Bell & Ross predetermine its wearing on the solid male wrists.

In addition, their uncut corners and edges requires a willingness to put up with some inconvenience.

This inconvenience, however, pays off the feeling that you wear on the hand instrument watches, which are difficult to find an analogue of all the space of the modern watch market.

Pros: – soft, fastens with a Velcro strap – extremely convenient to obtain information from the dial – a genuine opportunity to use these watches as the desktop Minuses: – because of the large number of inconvenient to use – tight chronograph pushers – heavy .




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