Sport. Graham Chronofighter Oversize.

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Sport. Graham Chronofighter Oversize
The Swiss-British brand Graham presented a collection of Chronofighter 15 years ago. Initially, it was conceived as an aviation device inspired by flight groovers of the Second World War.
The Swiss-British brand Graham presented a collection of Chronofighter 15 years ago. Initially, it was conceived as an aviation device inspired by flight chronometers of the Second World War: After all, the left-hand lever of the chronograph can be controlled by a thumb, without removing the flight leather glove. Since then, CHRONOFIGHTER has long disturbed his retroimage, turning into an actual accessory for fans of an active lifestyle.
OVERSIZE version, according to its name, does not disappoint underlined brutality.
And it is also distinguished by advanced case materials: steel, carbon fiber and ceramics that make clocks practically “unhappy” in any conditions.
Not by chance among customers, this model is known as Wildlife or Black Sugar.
Ref.: 2ccac.bo3a.t128.
Case: 47 mm, Steel, Black Ceramics Range, Carboat Chronograph Lever, Convex Sapphire Glass with Anti-Blood Coating, Sapphire Window on Back Cover, Black Dial, Arrows, Counters and Luminescent Coating, Textile Strap with Classic Steel Clasp, WR 100 meters
Mechanism: Automatic G1747, balance frequency 28,800 pc / hour, stroke 48 hours, platinum and inertial sector covered with Geneva Waves pattern
Max. Daily move: 11.0 seconds / day *
Min. Balance Amplitude: 205O
Isochronous / Positioning Error: 8.0 / 6.0 sec / day
Price: 252 150 rub.
Where to buy: Conquest salon, ul. Petrovka, d. 28, p. 1/2
Mikhail Goncharov, collector
In general, I like the idea of ​​Graham as some sporty models with an active energetic design. But why then in this model it was impossible to use more elements of carbon fiber or rubber or other high-tech materials? Now the chronograph lever looks like a “invited star” against the background of the steel case, and if you flip the clock, you can see the caliber with the traditional engraving “Geneva Waves”. It seems to me that this is a transitional model of the collection.
Rating: 7.
Dmitry Gurzhiy, Founder and Creative Director of Gourji brand
A very bright and energetic model with a balanced dial, weathered in the style of the car dashboard. A good place is chosen for the brand logo, it seems to emphasize the idea of ​​movement and speed. Obviously, the key element of the design is a chronograph lever from carbon fiber, and then everything is done to focus on it. Of course, this is not universal clock, it is not suitable for everyone, and the textile strap seems to me a somewhat controversial solution for such a price.
Rating: 8.
Andrei Babanin, watchmaker, restorer, director of the service center “Accurate move”
The caliber on the basis of Valjoux 7750 was surprisingly convenient in this performance. Buttons offset not only did not deteriorate the characteristics of the clock, but even subjectively made the work of the chronograph more accurate and smooth. I will note excellent caliber processing and excellent readability of the shooter. It would be possible to make a larger date. But the only serious “weak link” of this model is a crown head, which is not very convenient to use because of the chronograph corporate lever. However, the technical characteristics of the clock allow you to mess with the head no more than once a month.
Rating: 8.
Published in the magazine “My Watch” №2-2014

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