Special wedding rings on the wedding fair “we get married!” 2018 in Stuttgart

No sooner is the Baselworld ended in 2017, the camp of the local jewelers with novelties of the largest and most famous watch and jewelery show to be filled.

So now at Juwelier Ralf Häffner, which is now holding a sale-known watch brands at a bargain price.

This includes Askania, Bruno Soehnle, Davosa and Schaumburg Watch, which are reduced by 30% (30% on the RRP).

Askania – ticking Berlin Askania can look back on an eventful history and has developed over many decades, developed into a brand for special people with style, high standards and character, enjoys world fame and is highly valued in Kenner circles.

Carl Bamberg – founder of Askania works Born in 1847 Kranichfeld son of a watchmaker, the knowledge base put his later Expertentums in training at Carl Zeiss.

There all necessary knowledge and procedures have been put in our hands to him, which requires the construction of a high-precision instrument.

well equipped with comprehensive insights for the future, he founded in 1871 in Berlin his first company, the Bamberg works.

Bruno Soehnle – Made in Glashütte Precision timepieces with timeless design, consisting of Swiss quartz movements, surrounded by the finest materials and manufactured in the heart of watchmaking in Glashütte.

Or so one might try to describe the characteristics of small works of art that mark in just one sentence.

Despite the relatively short existence of the company, the timepieces are on a par with the big names of the watch industry.

This is partly due to the many years of preparatory work Bruno Söhnles.

Davosa – luxury watch at a bargain price The Swiss watch brand Davosa is still relatively young.

In 1993, a history that led to design and quality fast worldwide fame began.

The company Hasler & Co S.


decided in 1993 to cooperate with the existing since 1960 Watches Distribution Bohle GmbH and brought at the same time a new brand named Davosa on the market.

Davosa limited to a small and exclusive collection that attended in a short time with brilliant successes and made in our luxury watches for a new star in the firmament.

Caused a stir Davosa first time in 1998 at the Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich.

In 2000 Corinna Bohle took over sole responsibility for Davosa and took care of from now to the development and creation of various Davosa collections.

A milestone in the brand’s history is introduced in 2002 on the market series DAVOSA Panamericana, which is sought after as the first limited edition watch collectors today.

Schaumburg Watch – an exclusive secret Anyone traveling in Rinteln walking past at every turn met.

Half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries surround the picturesque corners and narrow streets, the cobblestones gives an idea as once rumbled carts.

Here are magnificent buildings from the time of the Weser Renaissance combines with modern buildings and together form a perfect scenery, well-being in which creative people.

Just as the church square in Rinteln, where the small and fine watchmaking company Schaumburg Watch is.

In 1997, the factory was founded – and especially in the Americas and East Asian market move.

Finally, especially the Americans and the Japanese appreciate the watches from Germany with its historical background as extravagant objects to collect.

Each watch from the house Schaumburg Watch tells her own story, after all York Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe, a co-owner of which also belongs to the manufactory Schaumburg Watch Brand Watches York, which is still considered a real find.

Around 2000 watches are made on the Weser per year, and each of them is made by hand and of excellent quality.

The original ideas of Rintelner watchmakers draw attention to the international watch fairs on the chronometer: The Aqua titanium, for example, to a depth of 3,000 meters waterproof.

Many ideas come from employees of the small factory, the quality in this way timepiece can implement on their own terms.

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