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At the beginning of this year, Peter Spek Marin presented the second edition of the “Art of Mechanics” as part of the Cabinet Des Mysteres collection. As in the previous Triad model, the master uses carefully calculated, sophisticated wheeled transmission to solve not practical, and poetic tasks for measuring time.
The Cabinet Des Mysteres collection is the most personal and beloved of Peter Spek Marina, in it he creates the models that he himself give pleasure, even especially not counting on commercial success. Such was the idea of ​​triad – philosophical-mechanical opus, seen the light two years ago. Three dials connected by differential in the form of the SPEAKE-MARIN logo (wheels from the grinding machine) and showing the same time, looked very impressive, but small. The series, limited to 88 copies, at a price of 25 thousand francs was not sold very actively, which, however, the spike marina did not discourage. He considered the “Triad” through the stage in creativity and moved to the creation of the next device: even more complex, poetic, rare and expensive.
The new model of Jumping Hours is released so far in a single copy. The corporate caliber of EROS with a 5-day plant (created on the basis of the Technotime mechanism, it was also used in triad and single-tailed velsheda) now appeared as a whole symphony of the arrows. The dial is not available, opening an overview of the upper part of platinum with the system of ratchet, controlling the indication of the “jumping” hour immediately of the four successively connected arrows. Each of the small flesen arrings jumps over the next value when the central minute arrow passes the next 15-minute interval. It turns out that within an hour, the arrows show different times, which can mislead the third-party observer, but allows you to train the mind and promising thinking of the owner of the Jumping Hours.
Peter Spek Marin, Founder Speake-Marin:
“The main goal was to create the effect of movement. While the minute arrow makes a full turn, the hour does not stand still, as in the usual “jumping” hour. In the Speake-Marin Jumping Hours clockwise, visible changes are also constantly occur. So I wanted to visually demonstrate the idea of ​​time stroke. ”
Ref.: Mechanical Art No. 2.
Case: 42 mm, height 13 mm, made of rose gold with steel inserts, classic form Piccadilly, sapphire glass and window on the back cover, around the window circle Engraving SPEAKE-MARIN – The Piccadilly, WR 30 meters
Mechanism: Automatic EROS, Balance Frequency 28,800 PCs / Hour, Power reserve 120 hours, Bridges and platinum are finished manually on both sides, inertial sector in the shape of a turning wheel, SPEAKE-MARIN logo
Functions: 4 Seriously connected side arrows “Jumping” hour, central minute and second arrows
Dial: missing, platinum mechanism with labeling and engraving, blane arrows, clock arrows in the style of Foundation
Strap: black from the skin of the alligator, manually stitched, classic steel clasp
Limit: Sole instance
Price: from 120,000 CHF

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