Dong Son Tourbillon Watch from Speake-Marin

Speake-Marin Dong Son Tourbillon Watch

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Dong Son Tourbillon Watch from Speake-Marin
Dedication to Dongshon Culture
The new model from Speake-Marin – Dong Son Tourbillon watch – use the motifs of drums related to Dongshon culture. Archaeologists have discovered traces of this first indocidant civilization at the beginning of the last century near the Vietnamese village Dongshon, which gave its name to finds. Among the found items were outstanding bronze drums. Excavations near Dongshon led Russian Orientalist Victor Golubev, who found that the drums were used to call the perfumes of the ancestors and worship the bird-bird.
Now the motifs from the middle of the middle of the first thousand BC. NS. Switched to Dong Son Tourbillon dial from 18-carat red gold. An honorable place at the bottom of the dial took a 60-second tourbillon. The arrows from the Fallen Steel are characteristic of many SPEAKE-Marin models.
The clock is equipped with a SM / CDH CDH Calibre SM3 with an auto-winding, platinum rotor and a stroke reserve of about 72 hours. The diameter of the housing of red gold is 38 mm.

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