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Almost 3 years ago by all reputable manufactory A.

Lange and Sohne watch from the German center industry Glashütte presented at the Geneva salon beautiful and most importantly practical solution of the classical problem clockwise engineering: a clock with month power reserve.

However, this simple decision could not be called in any way – it was the result of five years of engineering research and 12 months of rigorous testing.

But just a year after the premiere working model Lange 31 went on sale two problems The issue of increasing power reserve takes many hours of the brand, with varying success.

The basic design approach is to develop a mechanism with several wind-up reel.

The use of new alloys and materials allows manufactories create long and powerful springs.

A general trend towards increased case size allows hours respectively placed in these mechanisms with larger drums.

The more cylinders with spring suspension and the greater their size, the more energy can store up therein.

However, this medal has a downside – isochronous oscillations of the system balance-spiral.

As loosening mainspring plant significantly reduces the moment of inertia transmitted to the balance wheel.

Accordingly, the amplitude of wheel oscillations are also significantly reduced.

This variability adversely affects the uniformity and accuracy of the clock: when fully wound mainspring clock will fall behind, and with a decrease in the time and amplitude – hurry.

Therefore, on average, a modern mechanical watch has a power reserve of 40 hours and a spring length of 40-70 cm, which allows a certain degree of error to neglect the problem of isochronous.

Thus, to establish a mechanism to extended-range watchmakers have to find a successful solution of two interrelated problems: firstly, choose the design and dimensions of winding drums, shape and material of the running springs, and, secondly, to solve the problem of constant power transmitted to the wheels balance.

And the stronger the spring, the more complex and original than is necessary to solve the second problem.

The task of 31 – competition ambitions The task of creating a mechanism that does not require winding for 31 days, is very beautiful in nature and very difficult to execute, so it chooses to manufacture would guarantee a very serious competitive argument and a splash of attention to it.

Therefore, after the revival of the Swiss watch industry of the XX century in the 90s some of the largest and most prestigious watch companies attempted to reach the mark in the 31-day power reserve.

However, felts just not finding a satisfactory design solution, felts questioning the prospects for further research in this area (do not forget that these searches are accompanied by solid financial cost, which is not clear when will be repaid and whether it will pay off), they were forced to abandon this venture .

The world’s first watch with a monthly reserve were made watchmaker from Neuchâtel Berthaudom Ferdinand (Ferdinand Berthoud, 1727-1807) – a teacher of some of Abraham-Louis Breguet.

This luxurious golden repeater function of the equation of time is dated 1760 year of manufacture.

Today, many recognized hour monsters are armed manufactory mechanism with 7-10 days of autonomy: it’s Patek Philippe, and IWC, and Audemars Piguet, and Blancpain, and Officine Panerai, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Engineering techniques to achieve a specific result, naturally differ.

Thus, in some models, the use of several winding drums allows to limit the working length main source of energy and the following spring drum mechanism into operation at a certain degree of loosening of the previous.

Another campaign is to use special structures descent hours, for example, direct descent.

Some brands are actively and quite successfully working on the shape and material of the spring suspension.

However, to create a monthly stock of progress with the adequate size of the mechanism needed something special.

In 2006, having disreputable native of Tashkent Jacob Arabo (Jacob Arabs) introduced the world to the concept model of Jacob & Co.

The Quenttin, dedicated to the famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino.

Naturally, the tourbillon with 31-day power reserve is not a handful of diamonds, so a mechanism was developed by the famous company BNB Concept, which specializes in outsourcing of design and manufacturing of complex mechanical assemblies for many Swiss brands.

As often happens with such projects to a working version still had a long and thorny path and sale of these watches came only after about 2 years.

Monthly autonomy provide 7 (!) Winding drums, visible through the glass of the dial.

Futuristic Quenttin from jewelry brand Jacob & Co – extremely large and heavy watches Certain cosmic model emphasizes the rarity of the materials from which made housing – on a photo model in a red magnesium But even if we ignore the doubts about the real practical functioning of this mechanism (perhaps it’s unreasonable prejudice, but difficult to force myself to take seriously such a complex and serious engineering solution of the brand Jacob & Co.

), the dimensions of 56 x 47 x 21.

5 mm of the spaceship impressive.

Some simple calculations give us the area of ​​this hulk 2632 mm2, and in conjunction with a weight of 380 grams, leave no doubt: The Quenttin it is rather very expensive automaton, not watch.

The power of persistence 31 days before the start of the Geneva Salon SIHH-2007 model «Lange 31 was presented to the public.

The task was formulated simple and ambitious: the clock should have the same accuracy as the course on the first day after the plant, and in the 31st.

Something special, which allowed the manufacture A.

Lange and Sohne brilliantly solve the problem of 31, turned out to be a constant force escapement – known for several centuries, the constant-force device.

Its key element is a small planar auxiliary spring which replant periodically from the main spring and provides a relatively steady torque, regardless of the extent of the main spring plant.

So use A.

Lange and Sohne device constant force we call energy storage, as most accurately reflects the essence.

As it is sometimes called remontoir.

Terminology Box It should be careful when using the term remontoir to designate the constant force device, which was used watchmakers Lange.

The fact that this term has a substantially different values ​​in both English and Russian terminology hour.

The term «remontoir» or «remontoire» is used to designate the constant force device Hours – an auxiliary spring (or other device), designed to solve the problem of isochronism.

In Russian, the word remontoir means any mechanism for winding the watch and the transfer of the shooter without crown.

Most likely, a discrepancy arose from the translation inaccuracies many decades ago, but the terminology in both developed and well-established, so you should keep this in mind, otherwise you risk being misunderstood.

The principle of operation of such a device constant force has been used in models with a tourbillon from F.


Journe and DeWitt.

But elegant and innovative features of the energy store, designed by the watchmakers of Glashütte, isochronous possible to solve the problem for a truly grand autonomy mechanism.

The fact that it is A.

Lange and Sohne managed to create the first model with a monthly power reserve, no one caused a surprise.

After engineering surveys for constant force Lange houses are, so to speak, «Family Business» (Family Affair).

The founding father of the brand, Ferdinand Adolph Lange also in 1866 invented a constant-force escapement with jumping seconds hand – the so-called second remontoir – for precise pocket watches.

He later developed a similar design for the large grandfather clock with a 10-meter pendulum, which now stand at the headquarters of Lange in Glashütte and still accurately indicate the time of manufacture personnel.

In 2005 godu A.

Lange and Sohne first decided to integrate a clockwork model Lange Tourbillon `Pour le Merite` fuzeyu – Other known constant-force device, the invention which is associated with by Leonardo da Vinci.

Accordingly, fusil was invented more than 5 centuries ago and assembly balance did not exist in principle.

Fuzeyu can safely be called the most ancient device constant force.

The main transmission element fuzeynogo unit is a miniature circuit.

The disadvantages of such solutions are a large amount of space required for chain block and a significant amount of detail.

These issues have gained a huge amount for the monthly reserve.

Therefore, to solve the problem 31 from this option was abandoned in favor of the energy accumulator.

The same drawing fuzei configured Leonardo da Vinci, which allowed the invention bind that first constant-force device named Renaissance genius 12 seasons winding Let us consider how to achieve such an impressive result.

The manufacturing facility has received L034.

1 room is equipped with two huge drums with an inner diameter of 25 mm, arranged one above the other.

Drum takes ¾ main mechanism Platinum Square.

Each of the reels is placed spring 1850 mm long.

Thus, the total length of both springs is almost 4 meters (!).

If you believe the press release from Lange, their joint energy enough to lift a 100-gram chocolate bar to a height of 320 cm.

It is logical that plant so powerful springs crown would have to turn the burdensome debts.

So we had to resort to the classic crown technology used in historic pocket watches.

lever force generated key, allowed to choose an acceptable gear ratio: for example for a complete plant requires 31 turnover, turnover for each day.

Standard crown would have to crank out more than 5 hundred times.

The key has a special built-in ratchet and limiter plant that allow smooth and to protect the plant from unintentional retensioning springs respectively.

Square interface key is on the back of the model.

Clockwork key features of the limiter springs and retensioning the soft plant The length of each mainspring 1.

85 m As mentioned earlier, to solve the problem of uniform accuracy movement with such a powerful mainspring, it was to use the device of a constant force.

The auxiliary spring which, in fact, is an energy accumulator, is located on the axis of the fourth double (second) wheel, which is connected to the escapement wheel pinion descent.

One end of the spring is fixed to the pivot axis and the other end, an exterior, on the cylindrical pin, which is rotated every 10 seconds for 60 degrees and this spring Retension.

The task of monitoring the accuracy and precision of this sequence of movements entrusted balance.

In this mechanism, it not only provides a uniform rotation of the fourth wheel of the shaft, which is directly related to the display of the exact time, but also controls the cyclical plant descent constant force.

For this purpose, the cam-shaped so-called Reuleaux polygon, to be exact – Reuleaux triangle, named after the German engineer XIX-century Franz Reuleaux, although the idea was known to him.

This polygon has a number of unique mathematical properties and has a very broad and varied application in practice, especially in engineering.

Roughly speaking, this cam has the shape of an equilateral triangle with convex sides.

It is mounted on the fourth wheel and every 10 seconds, or in other words, after 60 degrees of rotation it moves special swinging lever, slightly reminiscent of a pear.

Inside the arm there are 2 pallets which alternately engage with the single-toothed wheel, connected via gears with clockwork drum, and stop its movement quickly after the turn of 180 degrees.

Each turn of the wheel replant accompanied by auxiliary springs in a split second and during the following 10 seconds, it transmits energy to the escape wheel (escape wheel).

During these 10 seconds, the torque changes only slightly, so the average amount of transmitted power can be considered constant throughout the 31-day period.

Main elements of the device in the constant-force model 31 Lange The sequence of operations of descent constant force, which is certainly reminiscent of the classic descent, can be seen through the transparent sapphire crystal on the back side of the case.

Further support for maximum visibility fourth wheel axis at which a spring remontoir and the cam is made of transparent sapphire stone.

This allows you to observe the interaction of the cam lever and pallet constant force device.

Prop axis on which the auxiliary spring (2) is made of transparent sapphire stone (1).

This allows the owner to watch this masterpiece for the interaction of the cam in the form of a triangle Reuleaux and pallets of the rocker arm Thus, the proposed watchmakers Lange implementation shutter constant force avoids the negative effect reducing the moment of inertia provided clockwork drum, and as a result have a constant vibration amplitude, a uniform supply of energy, the same level of precision clock that on the first day that 31 th.

On the 31st day of a special stop device stop mechanism, since the torque of the winding drum would be insufficient for the auxiliary spring plant.

Descent constant force will not be able to operate reliably and the clock to go to the required accuracy.

Scheme constant-force device 31 Lange There is no future without a past «Lange 31 being a model class Grand Complication, occupies a special place of honor in this family.

It is, in fact, the hour refined engineering.

In this model, at first glance, nothing gives supercomplex hours.

No kinetic magic of the tourbillon, not stunning purity of sound repeater, or a significant number of indicators perpetual calendar, retrograde hands either eight or surreal time display system or other inalienable attributes of haute horlogerie.

With the exception that 46 mm case size, although today it is difficult to surprise someone.

This model is a kind of Kantian thing in itself.

And, honestly, that’s it, and captivating.

On the other hand, it is evident that a practical necessity in the monthly power reserve watches, taking into account all related factors as the price (estimated price of platinum «Lange 31 180 000 $) and the complexity of manufacturing, no, and lost it at the same time successful bundle clockwork component such as a self-winding rotor.

After adjustment of the energy storage – a task no less difficult and laborious than setting the shutter in the tourbillon, and takes more than one week time.

Presenting an admiring public such successful and challenging instances, the brand demonstrates its ability, their creative and engineering potential and the ability to implement it on the one hand, and reiterates its rich watchmaking heritage on the other.

To some extent, maintains and strengthens its position.

After all, no matter how many brands do not say that do not need it, a fierce competition is doing its job.

Lange mechanism 31 is decorated with the back of the traditional Cotes de Geneve.

Left top – interface crown The front side is decorated with a mechanism in the technique of Perlage.

Double disc date – a sign of corporate o’clock A.

Lange and Sohne The prospect of further work to increase the power reserve, or search for alternative solutions to the same problem-month power reserve, due to the simultaneous studies in two closely interwoven areas.

Finding and development of new materials, new alloys for the manufacture of key parts of the movement as a mainspring or the oscillating system elements balance-spiral that will improve their dynamic properties.

And, at the same time, active work with archives, with brilliant design solutions that have been abandoned by the inventors in mind seemingly hopelessness that were ahead of their time and were not understood by his contemporaries, who may require a finishing touch improvements to start to function effectively.

After all these brilliant engineering ideas allow watchmakers to create the clock, which will speak for who will pay and who will admire.

Longer than a century Three years after the presentation Lange 31, its creator Anthony de Haas told the following story.

Ему позвонил один из владельцев модели коллекционер из Сингапура и сообщил, что он забыл завести часы, и они идут уже 37 дней без ущерба точности.

Господин де Хасс схватился за голову: это означает, что сломался регулятор завода и пружина будет раскручиваться, рискуя сломать устройство постоянной силы.

Но клиент был так доволен, что его с большим трудом удалось уговорить прислать часы для ремонта.

Это было на 42-й день.

Часы по-прежнему шли точно.

Иван Гопей, опубликовано в журнале «Мои часы» №1-2010 magazine website My Watches * * * «Lange 31» предлагается в двух вариантах: платина или розовое золото.

Корпус естественно получился не маленьким – 46 мм в диаметре и 15.

9 мм высоту.

Вес платиновой версии – 230г.

Циферблат выполнен из серебра.

Центральные часовая и минутная стрелка, маленькая секундная стрелка в позиции «6 часов».

Конечно же, большой, почти на треть циферблата индикатор запаса хода.

Его черная разметка нанесена в стиле Chemin de Fer или Railway (железная дорога).

Крайняя «станция» имеет красный цвет – сигнал к тому, что пора заводить часы.

Фирменная двойная дата и кнопка для ее перевода на позиции «10 часов».

Стрелки в форме пик из белого золота.

Вручную прошитый ремешок из крокодиловой кожи, с платиновой простой застежкой Lange.

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