SIHH-2015 models A. Lange Saxonia in 2015 with a new design

Baume & Mercier watches are Petite Promesse.

Clocks Mini as a link with those whom we love.

Clock, keeping the memory of the most exciting and happiest moments in life.

Unusual, feminine and colorful clock ticking Petite Promesse most unusual time in everyday life.

This is – a vivid element of style, an unusual attribute position in life.

Petite Promesse Watches are the epitome of luxury and joy of life in the modern sense.

• The format of mini always modern women’s watches: diameter 22 mm • Bezel encrusted with diamonds, transmit the splendor and style of legendary jewels.

• Perfect harmony of proportions: weaving round case and bezel of the oval shape provides the finest harmony hours.

• Modern shape, whose creators were inspired by the elegance and freedom form the 70s.

• Dual covering wrist leather strap or bracelet steel: a real must-have, which also emphasizes quality jewelry clocks characteristic item offered in three variants: steel, bright blue leather or leather a bright orange.

Three watches with a strong personality, which can be selected according to their character and mood.

• Dial perfect form of white pearl, as labels are two diamond marks at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

Petite Promesse: jewelery watches Graceful and courage: exclusive manufactory gloss polished metal band, double covering wrist echoes gloss bezel partially inlaid diamonds.

model style resonates with style small jewelry wrist watches, Baume & Mercier created in the 20s.

They are elegant, feminine and festive design becomes here a contemporary sound with unusual shades.

Hours Petite Promesse: sparkling luxury Model with a strap bright blue color further highlights the sparkling appearance hours.

Double covering the wrist strap calfskin with modern decoration give it a polished steel watch with diamond inlays partial trendy luxurious and glamorous look real stylish accessory.

Petite Promesse: sparkling energy Double covering the wrist strap calfskin bright orange carrying optimism and good mood for glamor hours with an oval bezel, completely encrusted with diamonds.

Precious model is designed for bright people.

It ultramodern color leather strap with a modern decoration without restrictions mixed with timeless luxury gorgeous inlaid diamonds.

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