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The most famous car of all time Bugatti Supercar GT inspired the minute repeater tourbillon Twin Turbo Furious from Jacob & Co.

History Lost Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé 1930 – is a story wrapped in a mystery.

The eldest son of Ettore Bugatti, Jean, in the period from 1936 to 1938 created a total of four incredible car.

Second, completely black version, Jean left himself.

Called «La Voiture Noire» ( «Black car), it was the pinnacle of technology and design of luxury supercars in the period of his pre-war heyday.

No one was allowed to drive a car, but a few of his friends, who were test pilots of the company, and the car was displayed at various auto shows throughout France.

It is believed that before 1940 the Germans captured the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, the car was put on a train bound for the second plant of the company in Bordeaux.

He was sent back to the other assets of the deposit, to completely disappear from the face of the Earth.

According to experts, if the car somehow miraculously appeared in the depths of the French barn, it would cost about 100 million euros.

In 2019 Bugatti decided to pay tribute to the car and the legend by releasing a modern version of the famous car.

This one-of-a-kind supercar was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 at the price of 11 million euros, making it the most expensive new car ever.

He had the same 8.

0-liter 16-cylinder engine with four-cylinder turbocharged power of 1500 hp, and Bugatti Chiron, and drew design features like Chiron, and in Divo.

Since then, as in 2019 the company Jacob & Co.

first became a partner of the Bugatti, the founder Jacob Arabo was fascinated and intrigued by the legend of La Voiture Noire.

When Bugatti announced the modern version of the car, I could not wait to start the development of exceptional completely black hours, which would correspond to an excellent level of mechanics and design of the new supercar« La Voiture Noire », – said the Arab.

The housing itself is a feat of engineering.

Made of 18-carat black gold, it consists of 88 parts.

Its bezel is adorned with 344-name natural black sapphire baguette-cut diamonds, accentuating its distinctive appearance.

In addition, these smoky black sapphires can be found on the buckle of black gold and titanium.

832-piece La Montre Noire model mechanism does not disappoint and two triaxial tourbillon, minute repeater, one-button chronograph and power reserve indicator.

The company Jacob & Co.

It has expanded the boundaries of the mechanism to include not one, but two tourbillon and rare ten-minute repeater, which beats time on request with ten minute intervals.

Decimal minute repeater especially atypical.

It is possible to count on one hand the number of brands that produce them.

One-button chronograph is also notable for the fact that the indicator is equipped with a standard time.

Inspired pitbordami in motorsport, the reference time indicator is located in the center of the dial, showing the difference in seconds compared to the reference time.

Last detail – the power reserve indicator, rasphttps: //.


-grand-complication-masterpieces- twin-turbo-furious-tt800.




a / Assumption on the dial at at 6 o’clock.

Using the original planetary system consisting of a differential gear mechanism, the arrow indicating the power reserve at full power on the left, and then moved to the right by as 48 hours of reserve stroke end.

Technical characteristics of the Jacob & Co.

Twin Turbo Furious La Montre Noire Bugatti Edition reference TT800.




A Mechanism with manual winding Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, one-button chronograph, second time zone, a tourbillon Housing 57 x 52 mm, black gold 18k, black sapphire, sapphire glass, water resistance 30m Leather strap with an insert made of black gold 18k

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