SIHH 2013: Richard Mille RM 59-01 ‘Yohan Blake’ Tourbillon

Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille is well known for its strong high-tech watches.

The models of this brand can be seen on the wrists of sports legends like Rafael Nadal and Felipe Massa.

Watches are made of very lightweight materials, so tennis players wear them even during tournament time.

Over the past few years, watch manufactory significantly raised its level in the field of manufacture of luxury watches for women.

As part of the innovative development of the company introduced its first automatic tourbillon movement, Caliber CRMT1.

The mechanism used in women’s watches RM 71-01, developed by the creative director of the brand Cecil Gene in 2018.

This bold and unexpected step brought Richard Mill rave reviews collectors from around the world.

Since then, Gena has fascinated collectors community women’s watches many interpretations, including Bonbon collection inspired by candy, in 2019 and RM 71-02, issued in November of last year.

Among the recent innovations of the brand in 2021 – two stunning models from the women’s collection RM 07-01.

The watch case is in the form of a tonne in the past undergone amazing changes – from the Carbon TPT® to pottery inlaid with precious stones.

And this year, Richard Mille continues to surprise with a combination of advanced materials with complex finishing precious stones.

Model RM 07-01 Starry Night provided in the housing of the carbon fiber TPT®, decorated 181 diamond.

Hours demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship of the brand in the jewelry tack gems.

Unlike gold, which can be easily treated, to make tiny prongs to hold the precious stones, Carbon TPT® requires a much more complex process using CNC machines equipped with diamond bits to create the right atrium for installation of stone.

After this wizard is made by hand polished rose gold teeth, which are hand cut into the casing to hold the stones in place.

Thanks to this very labor-intensive technique of clock get a nice look, studded with diamonds, known as Starry Night.

The company Richard Mille introduced his first bracelet carbon TPT® Female model RM 07-01 in 2019.

The bracelet was designed and engineered for 13 months, he has a complex architecture that combines the frame of titanium grade 5 with dozens of carbon TPT® plates attached spline screws brand Richard Mille.

Extremely flexible and easy wristband weighing only 29 grams of added glamor model Starry Night.

Not only tie for diamonds are made of 18k rose gold.

Accents warm metal are also arrows and an inner bezel on the dial.

The crown is also made of 18K rose gold.

Folding clasp in gold hold on yourself metal sample and print the name of the manufactory.

Amid all the splendor of white diamonds on the dial marked with hour markers in the form of a white drops.

Contrasting elements in common with polished screw heads on the bezel.

Richard Mille was able to bring in an element of chic Starry Night.

Unusual star motifs, decorated with precious stones, in the case of carbon TPT® are a reflection of the desire of Richard Mill offer women the best of both worlds – the world of high technology and the world of luxury.

Another novelty in this collection – RM 07-01 Open-link Red Gold and Carbon TPT® Bracelet.

Links RM 07-01 bracelet made of 18K rose gold and carbon TPT®.

The bracelet links are intertwined with a matte or glossy surface due to two contrasting materials.

The clock on the look more discreet than the last novelty with diamonds.

But this humility is compensated by massive bracelet.

The bracelet is equipped with a folding clasp in 18K rose gold.

The color of the clock a well balanced, fairly evenly – both materials: carbon and 18K rose gold are used in almost equal proportions.

Time markers in the form of droplets of the black arrows correspond to the fill tip that are black filling.

Each instance can be considered unique clock and a unique pattern through which form carbon fibers.

Both new items from Richard Mille supplied with manufactory caliber CRMA2, skeletonized automatic mechanism that supports the functions hour, minute, and has a rotor with variable geometry.

The mechanism provides a margin of 50 hours.

Specifications Richard Mille RM 07-01 Starry Night Reference RM 07-01 Automatic Starry Night Housing carbon TPT®, size of 45.

66 x 31.

4 x 11.

85 mm, 50 m water resistance, encrusted with white diamonds Bracelet carbon TPT® Caliber mechanism CRMA2, power reserve of 50 hours Functions: hours, minutes Price $ 268,000 Specifications Richard Mille RM 07-01 Open-link Red Gold and Carbon TPT® Bracelet Reference RM 07-01 Open-link Red Gold and Carbon TPT® Bracelet Housing Carbon TPT® and 18K rose gold, the size of 45.

66 x 31.

4 x 11.

85 mm, water resistant to 50 m Carbon TPT® bracelet and 18K rose gold Caliber mechanism CRMA2, power reserve of 50 hours Functions: hours, minutes Price $ 226,000

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