SIHH 2013: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon Dualtime

Chronograph with perpetual calendar and tourbillon In novomshedevre Saxon watch manufactory presents three sophisticated devices and five additional functions.

These watches A.

Lange & So hne, the only one of its kind, is impressive not only technical specifications, but also a clear thought-out structure of the dial, in spite of the fact that the density of information it surpasses all limits.

In the design of several hours with complex devices most formidable problem considered perfect interaction of various complex mechanisms when they form a well-functioning ensemble.

Watches A.

Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon owned just such a category of works of fine watchmaking.

Black dial made of solid silver is an excellent contrast 41.

5 mm platinum case, as well as the hands and hour markers, made of rhodium-coated gold.

This model is released in a limited edition of 100 copies in its name reflects the richness of its inherent functionality.

Watches Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon with platinum casing Datograph designation implies that the chronograph mechanism is built classical construction controlled by a column wheel, a precision minute counter instantaneous switching, instant restart feature and large date indicator, a proprietary feature of Lange collection.

To construct a mechanism for precision measuring short periods of time, the development team took the original decision, which has been proven in hours Datograph Up / Down.

In a single chronographic clock mechanism built three major technical achievements in the field of chronographs.

Firstly, this is the column wheel, allowing for the reliable control of the operation of the chronograph, second, minute counter instantly switch that provides a clear unambiguous definition of the measured time, and thirdly, the callback function, which makes it very convenient definition of the duration of the next several one after the other events with a minimum of time to restart.

Perpetual range designation, the central word of the title of hours refers to the perpetual calendar precision instantly switch to display the moon phase.

All indicators perpetual calendar, including a large date display, as well as signs of the day of week, month and leap year cycle for extra dials switched in steps, which guarantees an unambiguous definition of calendar information at any time.

The first manual correction is required that device is only March 1, 2100, are as blameless pointer phases of the moon, because it is made on the basis of outstanding precision wheel transmission, which the daily deviation of the current lunar calendar accumulate only after 122.

6 years.

The device has three calendar corrector for separate installation phase indicator moon day of the week and the simultaneous installation of a leap month cycle indicators and year.

If the clock is stopped for a few days, their calendar device is easy to configure pressing the main button of correction, which is set at the mark 10 o’clock, in this case, all calendar pointers will switch forward simultaneously and synchronously.

Tourbillon, one of the most fascinating watch mechanics devices, can be seen by looking through the sapphire case back window – it is installed under the skeletonized bridge.

Inside filigree carriage rotating with a period of one minute, the anchor acts descender.

This rotation compensates for the negative effects of gravity on the balance sheet.

Balance, equipped with eccentric poising weights, supports the excellent level accuracy movement throughout the 50-hour power-reserve period, as it works in conjunction with a spiral fixed attachment, which is produced in the workshops of Lange.

power reserve indicator mounted in place of the dial, where it ends tachometer scale, remind wearer when the need to have a mechanism.

For the first time in the arm Lange tourbillon balance works at a frequency of 18,000 pc / h, all tourbillons applied before designs operate at a frequency of 21 600 pc / h.

The new value of frequency corresponds to 2.

5 Hz, which means that the chronograph will measure time intervals with a pitch exactly at the fifth of a second.

The patented stop second hand is able to instantly slow down the balance within the tourbillon carriage, crown for time correction should get to do this.

As a result, it is possible to set the clock to the nearest second.

Never stop When designing the caliber L952.

2, consisting of 729 parts, it took the whole experience factory employees.

Equally challenging job turned out to be the process of finishing all the details, as well as their assembly.

Only the most talented craftsmen succeed with honor to overcome the many obstacles that arise when setting flawless interaction of the various modules of the mechanism.

Success is impossible without a great deal of experience, skill, concentration and patience.

That is why Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon watches are seen as a new interpretation of the guideline A.

Lange & Söhne never stop in an effort to go beyond the limits of the possible in mechanical watchmaking.

About A.

Lange & Söhne Dresden watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange, founded in 1845 watch manufacture, in fact laid the foundations of Saxon precision watchmaking industry.

His exquisite pocket watches are always in high demand among collectors around the world.

After the Second World War the company was expropriated, and the brand A.

Lange & Söhne has been virtually forgotten.

Only in 1990, Walter Lange, the great-grandson of company founder Ferdinand Adolph Lange, took a chance to revive it.

In Lange currently produces only a few thousand gold or platinum watches a year.

All of them are equipped with only the mechanisms of its own production, which are collected and elegantly decorated by hand.

With 54 manufactory caliber, developed in 1994, the company A.

Lange & Söhne has secured a leading position among the top watch brands in the world.

The most successful models of the brand – innovative watches Lange 1, became the first wristwatch series production, is equipped with a large date and Zeitwerk clock with easy to read digital display of the current time instant switching.

Super complex mechanical watches, such as Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar Terraluna, Zeitwerk Minute Repeater and Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon represent a serious focus factory to scale new peaks in fine watchmaking.

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