SIHH-2010: IWC Portuguese collection of serious updating

Premiere Baume & Mercier Clifton Tourbillon 1892 was held at the Salon International Haute Horlogerie SIHH 2014.

These gorgeous watches, issued a very limited edition of 30 copies, once again demonstrating the highest level of the Swiss masters and confirm that the watch house Baume & Mercier, seventh among the oldest existing to date, fully owns the art of making the most accurate and complicated watches.

In this new model of the collection Clifton best embodied the motto, which house All Baume & Mercier to be since its founding in 1830, Do not miss a single detail, to produce watches of the highest quality.

Clifton 1892 Tourbillon with exclusive movement with manual winding rightfully belongs to the Haute Horlogerie.

Clifton 1892 Tourbillon – watch exclusive precision floating tourbillon embody all the experience Sentry house, which in XIX-th century has won 10 top awards and 7 medals at various international exhibitions, showed the best results in competitions accuracy and demonstrated throughout the XX-th century unique quality and style.

Such achieve the highest stress level of perfection Baume & Mercier hours to manufacture traditional manufactory process goes back to the first production hours.

All house Baume & Mercier has always followed the historical tradition.

This approach to production will be released in 1892 hours without a key, the mechanism of which was equipped with a device tourbillon.

This mechanical device consisting of a carriage which makes one revolution per minute and a stroke eliminates deviations in the time was extremely rare and was intended to substantially enhance the accuracy of the clock, in which it was set.

Complex to manufacture and require high precision adjustment tourbillons are the pinnacle of excellence the most famous watch houses that used these fascinating adaptations to its best models are usually intended for participation in competitions for running accuracy.

Watch with a tourbillon, presented Alcides Bohm in England, where the brand was created under the direction of the branch Célestin Bohm (brother of Louis-Victor), won in 1892 by a resounding victory in the Kew Observatory, gaining 91.

9 points out of 100.

This result is the highest allowed this magnificent sample of watchmaking over 10 years to be the most accurate clocks in the world.

Hours Tourbillon 1892 Clifton released Sentry house Baume & Mercier limited edition of 30 copies in honor of the world-famous high precision chronometer.

The original and sophisticated style, these watches embody the magnificence Horlogerie and proudly recall that at one time Baume & Mercier watch house, symbolizing the now affordable luxury, has been included in the general register of watchmaking Davoine, bringing together the most famous watch houses including the four Geneva manufactory.

Hours Tourbillon range Clifton in 1892, made of 18-carat red gold, is an iconic model of the eponymous collection.

These mechanical watches with exclusive hand-wound (P591), equipped with a flying tourbillon from Val Fleurier, reviving traditions of watch house produces watches of exceptional precision, with complications, made in accordance with the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking.

Through the rear window you can admire the exquisite finish, made by hand watchmaker in accordance with the standards of decoration house movements: groovy drum Clifton 1892 Tourbillon guilloche just like the classic pocket watch, covered bridges pattern «côtes de Genève», a circular-grained platinum.

These gorgeous classic watch by the laws of Haute Horlogerie, at the same time meet all the requirements of the present time.

Cruising is 50 hours.

You can admire the graceful carriage rotation flying tourbillon through the hole in the dial of silver-colored opal, located at at 9 o’clock.

Hour markers and figures are made of pink 18-carat gold.

Baume & Mercier designers have managed to create the best for such a large body of the mechanism, a clock of impressive dimensions (diameter 45.

5 mm) is perfectly sitting on the wrist.

Protuberant glass and overhead tabs gives the watch refinement and elegance inherent in the entire collection.

These sophisticated and at the same time strict watch on a strap alligator handmade with classic clasp, released a limited edition of 30 copies.

Clifton 1892 Tourbillon able to win the hearts of even the most demanding connoisseurs of fine watchmaking.

SIHH-2014: All new Baume & Mercier

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