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Blue army swept through nearly two years of watchmaking, each brand launched if fired several blue watch, it seems to keep up with popular, I joked that this is really “Blue Blue also live.

” Came from Geneva Watch Fair Basel Watch Fair, Blue Storm did not ebb, many brands still fought to the introduction of blue watch, but I will not bring out the blue watch a disk, in this report in , I would like to introduce this year the same hot color – green.

While not as overwhelming blue, but also “green” than not, but very steal the spotlight.

In particular, there is a little full of fun, it is also often green dial with bronze steel case, forming a unique landscape, great show.

Patek Philippe Patek Philippe: Aquanaut Series Jumbo watch Basel this year, the most eye-catching touch of green, from Patek Philippe Aquanaut number of Series 5168G-010 Jumbo watch.

Now called Jumbo “Big Mac”, its original 5167 case size of 40.

8 mm to 42.

2 mm increases.

The last time was 5168 the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the brand in 2017, to celebrate the launch of Aquanaut series, when it was blue plate with blue rubber strap, this will be changed to green plate with green rubber strap, both of which are white gold case material.

Aquanaut watch fans has been nicknamed the “grenade”, increased the size, and use military green, look just like feeling like a grenade.

Aquanaut Series Jumbo watch details Although the increase in diameter, but is still thin mounted 324SC automatic movement, the movement is only a thickness of 3.

3 mm, so watch only 8.

25 mm thickness.

Because they belong to sports series, water depth of 120 meters, the strap is made of a new composite material, are durable, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and water erosion.

Price 290,500 yuan.

Rolex Rolex: 36 Day-Date watch Green is the color of the Rolex trademark, its “green water ghost” is to let the global table fans are mad rush, the most important, small green disk Rolex watch, every one out, always able to win some of the eye.

While this year’s Day-Date Day-Date watch 36 in particular was well received, the disk using gradient color, light green transition to the center, chiaroscuro very level by the dark green outer edge, coupled with inlaid diamonds on the dial when label to highlight the elegant texture.

36 Day-Date watch details 36 Day-Date watch a long time without replacement, brand all these years will focus on the 40 mm watch, just when everyone thought that the size of the Day-Date will be discontinued, I did not expect this year introduced several new works 10, movement and change take a new generation of 3255, so this has been more than six decades of selling the series to life again.

36 mm gold case, a self-winding, power reserve 70 hours, 100 meters water depth.

Price 270,400 yuan.

Bell & Ross Bell & Ross: BR03-92 Diver watch bronze In the table show Basel 2017, Bo Laishi first introduced water depth of 300 meters square professional diving watch, unidirectional rotating bezel, screw crown, luminous coating, thick sapphire glass, sealing table the bottom cover, the installation of magnetic soft iron, rubber strap, sufficient to meet the stringent requirements of professional divers.

Was made of stainless steel, the following year launched a version made of bronze, black disk, and two new works this year is the black ceramic plate with black and bronze materials with green plate.

BR03-92 Diver watch bronze details Dive tables to create a bronze, in fact, have deep historical roots, because early or deep-sea diving helmet of bronze ship propellers is built.

In recent years with the material bronze to make the watch is quite popular, also popular with consumers.

Bronze oxidation over time will lapse, contaminated with light green patina.

Due to the different habits of the wearer, color, or dark or light, each is different, so watch show unique distinctive personality.

Also bronze comes with an vicissitudes of manly, heroic quite rough, especially for the military form of wind, now matched with military green disk, look just like the guys who plaything.

Price 31,500 yuan.

Tag Heuer TAG Heuer: Autavia watches This is a brand new series introduced this year, Autavia Automobile + Aviation is the meaning of that car + aviation, which is combined with the racing elements in one flight.

At first glance bland, self-winding watch is simple sweep plus calendar display, Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), but its movement was not easy, because Isograph equipped with carbon composite material gossamer.

Carbon fiber to make a balance spring, which is an industry first, the advantage that “gossamer lightweight, low density, and the impact is hardly affected by gravity, and having magnetic properties thanks to the geometry of the spring, there facilitate a concentric oscillation, and C composite alloy balance with hairspring combined with excellent thermal properties and aeroelastic, improve the accuracy of watches.

Autavia watch details Watch diameter 42 mm, While green disk of watches made of bronze, bronze case once again confirms the trend of disk + green, water resistant to 100 meters.

Price 31,900 yuan.

Zenith Zenith: Pilot’s watch Type20 Adventure Is a disk with a green bronze material of the watch, even the strap is also put on a crocodile leather strap army green camouflage patterns (another comes with a calfskin strap), so that pure military aviation descent further promoted.

Case 45 mm in diameter, coupled with big onion crown, the bottom cover is titanium, reducing the probability of allergy, inscribed with a pattern of flight instrument.

There chronograph sweep and two models, are equipped with self-winding movement, power reserve 50 hours, water depth of 100 meters.

Chronograph price of 59,800 yuan, 56,200 yuan sweep pricing models.

Green Han Graham: Chronofighter Vintage D-Day 75 years watch Pair of green bronze case and the disk is not over, look While Green Han watch.

Chronofighter large buttons Green is the most famous of the Han series, feature is located on the left side of the case to the insurance grenade knob-inspired design, it is an onion crown for the bridge, but also the timing button, controls the timing of start and stop function .

D-Day Normandy landing refers to occurred in the June 6, 1944, it is the World War II Allies began to counterattack sea landing operations in continental Europe.

This year happens to be the 75th anniversary commemoration.

Printed with an Indian head on 30 minutes chronograph sub-dial at 6 o’clock tray, which is then carried by the 2nd Infantry Division of the US Army’s most famous units mark.

Case size 44 mm, equipped with self-winding movement, power reserve 44 hours, 100 meters water depth.

Embossed rubber strap, comes with a textured strap, limited production 75, part of the proceeds will be donated to the museum in Normandy to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Oris Oris: Big Crown pointer calendar watch 80 Anniversary Special Edition In 1938, Oris build a pilot with a special watch Big Crown Pointer Date, its crown particularly large size, easy to pilots wearing gloves can also operate; It also has a hand-type calendar function.

Later, Big Crown series became the brand’s signature products, but also after the quartz crisis after brand in the mid-1980s revival of the most important products.

Big Crown pointer calendar watch details To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth family, the brand launched at the end of the 80th anniversary of the big bronze crown special edition watch.

In order to create a retro feel, the same is dark green to match the disk bronze steel case.

Case 40 mm diameter self-winding, power reserve 38 hours, water depth of 50 meters.

Price 13,800 yuan.

Green watches there are many, we gradually appreciate it! Hengli Mu when Endeavour series Flying Hours universe green watch H.

Moser & Co.

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