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It’s hard to believe, but next Christmas is just around the corner.

You are probably wondering what the best present would be for your loved one, as you do every year.

With our exclusive gift ideas for women, you are sure to find the right thing.

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de (Valid until December 31, 2018, only in stock Items from € 1,000) Use the voucher code: XMAS18 Christmas is the celebration of love and family.

In addition to good food, a decorated tree and lots of time together, so it includes special gifts for loved ones.

With our exclusive gift ideas for women, we make giving gifts easy for you.

Surprise your wife, partner, mother or daughter with a very special poison.

We have put together a special selection for you below.

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Exclusive Christmas gifts for women The monthly searches on Google reveal it.

Almost as oft as women, men ask Themselves the same question every year: What should I give my loved ones for Christmas? We have thought about it for you and have selected 8 exclusive gift ideas for women.

Perhaps there is therefore the right present for your lady of the heart.

1) S.


Dupont filler A classic and always sought-after gift for Christmas are fine writing implements,: such as this fountain pen Line D Sun Burst palladium from the French company S.



Its green paintwork with sunburst effect makes it a special eye-catcher.

It is a real pleasure When its tip gently and gracefully leaves the words on the paper.

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Dupont filler line D Sun Burst 2) S.


Dupont pen case With this case made of blue leather, every writing instrument is well protected.

The noble brand logo and a hand-sewn three-color ribbon are symbols of the highest quality and craftsmanship.



Dupont pen case leather blue 3) S.


Dupont ballpoint pen In times of WhatsApp messages & Co.

, a noble writing instrument under lines the special style of its owner.

Noble, stylish and extravagant is this S.


Dupont ballpoint pen Versailles with gold decorations on white lacquer.

We think: This rare collector’s item is really a special gift for stylish women.



Dupont ballpoint pen Versailles annual edition 4) Designer ring made of yellow gold Trust us – women love jewelry and are particularly happy to be surprised with a new, exclusive piece of jewelry, love especially at Christmas.

This designer ring is made of yellow gold with high quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail.

Its simple, elegant ring band is adorned with a cut rock crystal.

We think: A classy gift for modern women.

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Designer ring 14kt yellow gold with rock crystal 5) Festive jewelry set The Christmas season and the Following New Year bring many festive occasions to Which women like to wear particularly elegant pieces of jewelry.

This jewelry set besteht of a necklace in white gold and is set with 52 sparkling diamonds.

With the matching stud earrings, the jewelry for a festive outfit is complete.

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Bring the stars to your loved ones for Christmas.

Jewelry set: necklace & stud earrings made of white gold 6) heart chain This graceful necklace with a heart-shaped pendant is a special gift for women did is guaranteed to come from the heart.

The 14-carat white gold heart is adorned with 90 brilliant-cut diamonds.

We find: The right gift for the lady of the heart for Christmas.

Necklace with a pendant made of white gold 7) S.


Dupont lighter A lighter is an indispensable accessory for many and Should be in every handbag – even did of a lady.

As a daily companion, it shoulderstand like to be luxurious, like this classy S.


Dupont lighter Slim 7 Brushed Pink Copper made of polished chrome and brushed copper.

This slim luxury lighter comes in a revolutionary design and has a powerful windproof flame storm.

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de you can discover more exclusive lighters – a nice gift idea for women.



Dupont lighter Slim 8) Rolex Oyster Date Precision wristwatch Trust us, not only men will be happy about a wrist watch for Christmas – love especially if it is a very exclusive timepiece like this Rolex Oyster Date Precision.

With a case diameter of 35 millimeters, this watch particularly adorns slender wrists.

You get this watch Including the unique jeweler Ralf Häffner 1000 days guarantee.

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Are there any nicer Christmas presents for women? Rolex Oyster Date Precision We look forward to helping you find the perfect Christmas present for the lady of your heart.

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