The amazing Stainless Steel Seiko SPB185

I have never been a fan of divers. I love the Heritage line
Small size and vintage design.

However, this diver is quite vintage. Well, that’s it. The lyrics are over.

Size 42 mm. The watch pretends to be worn on a daily basis. It sat down so well that when the bracelet is properly fitted, it hardly

Spins. The idea of ​​a steel instrument bezel. And unusual and practical

Arrows. Made in such a way that their large size is in harmony with the indexes on the dial of only 32.4 mm perfectly. The second hand is visible and all this visually “works” both day and night

Lum On the one hand, after vintage where there is often no lum at all, any diver’s lum pleases. But … that’s not the point. At first, in the video on the tube, I was afraid of the fact that the marks are convex and shine cheaply like a cat’s … no. This is not so. But because of this bulge, the lum is charged instantly. without the sun. it is enough to go out the door during the day …. in short, a very sensitive lum. Plus, even in the area of ​​3x a piece of luma was squeezed in. And the pearl was not forgotten … But the “adult” MarineMaster 300 does not have a 

Mechanism. In fact, the same 6R15, but with a large power reserve. How can you not like it? Accuracy as expected – 4/6 seconds plus per day.

Bezel shape

Look for yourself. This picture And now this
Different clocks, right? So I ask myself a question. If you decided to make a civilian diver …. light …. convenient … Why not bevel this wonderful bezel to the case? let it be not as thin as a Tudor with a steel bezel. well, at least like .. Dipsy or something. The design would only win, kmk … Nope. The bezel is thick. Flat. Oak …. Spoils, kmk, all the “music”.
Naturally, I “fell in love” with the first picture. 
Finally, I bought a watch that is worse than the picture. .. usually the other way around. The picture is worse than the
Bracelet watch … well, it’s better not to start here. Sumo bracelet is worse of course, but why doesn’t Seiko improve their divers’ bracelets?
The price of new products is sooooo improved from year to year. And nifiga bracelets
Finally Price
I understand everything. Novelty. But … expensive. Objectively expensive. The same Sumo is not worse. Bracelet if only …
Besides, some kind of leapfrog began. I always thought that if there is a letter “J” then the watch is assembled in Japan for a local market But
no. My watch is hardly assembled in Japan. But SBDC 125 yes. Made in Japan. And the prices, respectively, 185th diver costs 200 bucks cheaper. By the way, the price of 125 is shot. such conclusions? Yes with eBay. Statistics. In addition, the 125th is sold by Japanese sellers. And the 185th is Singapore-Hong Kong …

Here are the conclusions. Cool watches? Yes. They sit like a glove. What they wanted. Big divers from Omega PO to Citizen Signach did not use it. They fiddled with the arm. Epilated. Annoyed by the weight, thickness …. And this Seiko is good. Good size and instrumental design. Agree, blue diver – festive, of course. But steel, modest and solid. This is exactly what can become everyday casual hours.

Well, a photo. All health and Peace

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