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Automatic watches are small, robust marvels of technology.

With proper care, they can be for decades to faithful companions.

An important point to note here is the storage – finally watch collector can not possibly all of their favorite pieces bear simultaneously on the wrist.

In this case, the purchase of a watch winder worth.

In a previous post we have already reported on the watch winder Buben & Zörweg that greatly shape the market in this area.

You will also find this information in this article why automatic timers should be stored in a watch winder.

Tradition fourth generation A very long tradition in Winder has the English company report, which was founded in 1889 by Maurice A.


Certainly had no idea of ​​the 20-year-old founder of the company at that time that his small factory decades would be later known worldwide.

More than a century after its founding and four generations later Rapport is still family owned and has evolved from a manufacturer of high quality watches to suppliers of boxes, decorative safes and watch winders.

Oliver report sees the expansion of the portfolio to luxurious accessories as a natural development of -.

Who would know better to the requirements of mechanical watches with care and storage, as the watchmakers themselves The offer of Rapport is aimed at customers, exclusive and high quality watch winders one as much importance to attach as their timepieces.

Popular with enthusiasts and collectors Meanwhile, Rapport has made a name in the UK also among watch fans who have only one or two mechanical timepiece.

Rapport provides winder for only a timer as well as those, which can accommodate up to twelve models.

individual orders even added if desired.

Wishes as a customer in Abu Dhabi a watch winder with 16 carriers in three different finishes, it will be designed and produced immediately.

Here, all of the products from repeat one thing in common: They are made of unique quality.

In addition, the will to always complement the classically elegant lines to modern, innovative and exciting designs.

Numerous series like Perpetua, Commander, Evolution, Captain’s or Time Arc speak for themselves and each pursue a clear, comprehensible design line.

Evolution at the highest level A particularly beautiful model is the Evocube from the series evolution.

The small cube is available in eight different colors that can be combined individually and can be tailored to the watches.

The beauty of the series Evocube is that it optimally adapts to its collection of clocks and, if necessary grows: Single is the Evocube with dimensions of 120x120x146 millimeters handy and small.

Those who wish can group (almost) cubic colleagues, thus creating a new entity him with his.

The housing of the Evocube is precision machined of wood.

Several layers of paint create a silky smooth surface.

The carrier is covered with soft black leather.

Fully adjustable it adapts to any and all bracelets.

The rubber clips on the sides fix even serious timepiece safely in the heart of the agitator.

It runs almost silently at all levels and can be adapted over control to a large part of the market watches.

In the development angle, frequency and speed in which the clock is turned, were considered and optimized.

Protected as the treasures of the Pharaohs Who can do without the extensibility of the system and wants to put his watch in the spotlight, is well advised with the Evo Pyramid.

The futuristic and timeless pyramid shape of the watch winder awakens associations with the ancient Egyptians, who supplied the tombs of their pharaohs with the finest treasures: As sure your treasure is embedded in the pyramidal winder.

Tip and feet of the pyramid are made of brushed stainless steel, while the housing is coated with a smooth coating layer as anmutet ivory.

Inside the watch winder the same modern system works, as with all models from the Evolution series.

It can be used as (operating time up to one year) are also battery operated AC power and provides users with flexibility in every respect.

Preserves timeless treasures The special feature of the brand Rapport is the will, time and again to develop new ideas that are meaningfully related to the subject area of ​​”time”.

A particularly fascinating example of this is the Optima Time Capsule.

Since time immemorial, are time capsules that particularly important objects are preserved for future generations in it.

Among the most popular content includes coins, newspaper articles or personal valuables.

And what would you give in your personal time capsule to posterity an important part to convey your personality? About your watch? Just.

He who keeps his watch in the Optima Time Capsule, increases the emotional value and importance of his watch – do not worry, but you do not have to bury the time capsule! The Optima series is a further development of Perpetua.

Advanced materials and advanced manufacturing materials allow greater flexibility Customer: watches any size can be safely placed on the carrier, which is then inserted into the drive mechanism.

The different modes can be varied individually rotation speed and direction – a particularly important feature for automatic watches, which have only one left-handed or right-handed lift.

The Time Capsule is made of a chrome-plated aluminum tube that goes into a shell of glass.

Visible brass gears ensure the movement of the elaborate mechanism and can be viewed from the outside at work.

Behind a sturdy door in the middle of a strong magnifying glass lens is recessed, her favorite piece sits safely on the watch wearer and waits until you put it back on your wrist.

Are you curious? Then explore the entire selection of Rapport watch winders in watch.


Here you will surely find the right model for your watch collection.

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