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Watch is a complex technical device, and, like all such objects, it needs regular maintenance.

You take care of your car, and periodically completely take it to the service station – it is also necessary to do the same with the clock.

And what exactly to do? To begin with, as in the case of the car, you need to change the oil in time.

This applies to all types of hours that have moving mechanical parts.

Even if the clock is quartz: if there are at least arrows, then in the mechanism there are necessarily gear wheels, etc.

, and their axes are installed on the supports called stones in the hourly case (these are, as a rule, artificial rubies).

Inevitably, friction, which is softened with oil – this is how it is subject to periodic replacement.

It should be done, of course, in a specialized workshop.

How often? It is best to focus on the instructions that are in the instructions for the operation of your watch, but in principle, the frequency is associated primarily with the properties of lubrication.

The limit of the working capacity of mineral oil is about 3 years, synthetic – about 5, then it thickens, you need to change.

However, if you have a very, very electronic watch-both the engine is quartz, and the indication is purely digital (such as LED), then, nevertheless, it is still recommended.

Because there are buttons on the case, which means there are gaskets that provide at least minimal waterproof.

These gaskets can dry out over time and start to pass moisture.

Some experts advise checking the watches for water resistance (and, if necessary, change the gaskets) once a year, but with not too extreme use of the clock, it seems, the same 3-5 years.

Of course, also in a specialized service.

And, of course, this is equally applied to the watch with mechanical components.

And also about the oil.

It happens that a person does not use for a long time.

Naturally, they stop.

If the clock has been standing for too long, then the lubricant again thickens, and this is not good.

It is recommended to start a clock at least once every 2-3 months, and preferably more often.

It is easy to notice that here we moved to the topic of our own care for a clock, not related to going to the workshop.

What can (and necessary) do with a clock at home? Everything here is quite simple and reduced, in general, to elementary hygiene.

Mud and dust should be avoided, and if it was not possible to avoid, then not to leave “as is”, but to remove pollution.

Naturally, it is not necessary to wash in the water-after all, it’s not a car-remove the dirt with a clean soft cloth moistened only slightly, and then wipe it dry.

You can handle bracelets bolder: rinse in soapy water, rinse in clean and also wipe your leisions.

If spots remain on the rubber strap, it is permissible to clean it in a warm solution of soda using a brush with medium stiff bristles.

It is recommended to gently wash the clock with fresh water in only one case – if you swam with them at sea.

Salt has a destructive effect on the above gaskets, so it is worth washing, but, we repeat, very carefully, not gently! That, perhaps, is all that you need to do with the clock.

In conclusion – about some things that, on the contrary, are not necessary.

At the clock factory, do not twist the head to the stop: you can damage the clockwork spring.

Do not adjust the date between 21:00 and 03:00.

Take care of the watch from extreme temperatures: do not take the clock in the bathhouse and do not leave them in severe frost (in the latter case it is better to hold them on your hand, it is warm).

Beware of approaching devices creating strong magnetic fields.

By the way, in order to determine whether the watch is magnetized or not, it is enough to bring them to the usual compass: if it is magnetized, the arrow will be “outraged”.

And, of course, avoid subjecting hours to falls, blows, strong vibrations.

Although there is a clock with the reputation of the “unbearable”, this term is still somewhat exaggerated.

If you can not take risks, it is better not to take risks.

After all, the clock is not only for business, they are for the soul! Wrist watch: Delma 41701.



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