Sasha Marery: conversation in the future

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Sasha Marery: conversation in the future
Lisa Epifanova
The watch mark from Lucerne Carl F. Bucher is a special limited release of Patravi Scubatec Manta Trust, dedicated to the salvation of manta rods in the Indian Ocean. The President of Sasha Marery’s president tells how this project appeared and why it is so important for Carl F. Bucher.
How did collaboration begins with the MANTA TRUST Foundation? Why did you notice exactly on Manta’s skates among other inhabitants of the underwater world?
I met the founder of the MANTA TRUST Foundation Gaam Stevens a couple of years ago. He completely struck me with his enthusiasm and enthusiastic project. Since Carl F. Bucher is a global international brand, we also decided to contribute to this important environmental and social project. I hope that the cooperation of the brand with Ham and his team will be long and fruitful.
In addition to financing projects and issuing special models, how else does you still support the MANTA TRUST Foundation?
Since we are an hourly manufacturer, for us always in the first place – the clock itself. But in terms of supporting the Fund, we are not going to be limited only by the release of limited models. In addition to the sponsorship of expeditions, we also make efforts to talk about the activities of the MANTA Trust Foundation to our customers, we use the advertising and social channels Carl F. Bucher to attract the public attention to the problem of preserving the Manta’s skate populations.
And besides Manta Trust, do you support some other environmental, social or charitable projects?
At this level, as with Manta Trust, we no longer cooperate with anyone. We decided to choose one global project, but it will give him maximum attention and support. At the same time, Carl F. Bucher regularly acts as a partner of various social intrinsics and events in regional markets.
How did you born the idea to choose two skates and give them the names of Karl and Friedrich? Do you still watch their life in the ocean?
We decided that this is a good idea, remembering the double name of the founder of Carl F. Bucher. And it will bring some personal contribution to cooperation, the brand will be attended in the Fund’s projects more animated. Guy Stevens immediately agreed. Then his team just supplied the slopes of movement sensors, and they marked two who received names in honor of Karl Friedrich Bucher. Now we regularly receive reports about their life under water (laughs).
Why are you for the release of Patravi Scubatec Manta Trust, did you decide to radically change the design of PATRAVI?
Guy told us that he would like to organize a special expedition to which he needed to collect additional funds. Therefore, we thought, why should we not create a limited release with an exclusive design that would not only symbolize our partnership, but also help to contribute to this expedition, since part of the sales profit will be transferred to the MANTA Trust Foundation. And since this is an important expedition, and the watches are targeted in its support, it is necessary that customers understand that they really acquire something exclusive, and not just a clock with a different color of the dial. Together with the Foundation employees, the design was developed, because Guy also wanted to contribute to the creation of hours: so he had an idea to use underwater photos of the skates to make a unique pattern on each rear cover. So I would not call it a “radical change” of the existing design of Patravi Scubatec. It is just a completely new model created together with Manta Trust.
Now it has become fashionable to release watches in the style of “vintage diving”, creating the replicas of the underwater hours of the 1960-70s period. Bucherer in the 1970s also represented his own dive model. No desire to revive this retro design in modern CARL F. Bucherer collections?
With regard to the release of hours, manufacturers always think not in the present, but in the future. Now for us an up-to-date topic for discussion in the company – collections that will see the light in two years. How they will look and what will be fashionable – tolerate and see (laughs).
Speaking about the future: The World Cup is coming. Carl F. Bucherer will continue to cooperate with Switzerland national team? Are you planning a new limited issue in honor of the team?
Carl F. Bucherer is a partner not only the national team, but the entire Swiss football association, so we supported 13 national teams and clubs. For us, this is very important collaboration, because it allows you to carry Swiss values, our spirit “Made in Lucerne” around the world. And since the partnership will last for at least two coming years, you will find a lot of interesting things in this direction.
You can see the hours of Carl F. Bucherer in the new boutique of the brand in the Smolensk Passage.

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