October 1 Samsung held a Russian presentation of smart watches Gear S2

Russian presentation of smart watches Gear S2

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October 1 Samsung held a Russian presentation of smart watches Gear S2
Simultaneously with the premiere of smartphone Galaxy Note 5
Novelties director Samsung Mobile Russia Arkady Graff presented in the room of the closed club “Phantom” in the territory of the Red October. Unlike the previous Samsung Gear and Gear Fit, the new clock got a traditional round steel case and became more like ordinary clock. Gear S2 is available in two variations. The first of them can be conditionally called “sports”, it has an integrated synthetic strap and a sleek rant. The second model was named Claasic and is characterized by a spark with notches and a traditional leather strap. From the point of view of the functionality, they are the same: tracking the activity of the owner, displaying messages, informing about calls, etc. The clock acquired the ability to wireless charging, the batteries grabs for 2-3 days of work. You can not dive in them, but you can take a shower: both models meet the IS68 standard.
Unlike Gear s, the novelties have no sockets for the SIM card and, accordingly, cannot make calls without a phone. However, otherwise this is an independent device, unlike iWatch.
Prices for new samsung watches will be 20,990 rubles for the “sports” version and 24,990 for classical. Pre-ordered on new hours from Samsung can be done in October. About the date of appearance on sale at the presentation did not report. According to representatives of the company, in Russia, the previous models of smart watches from Samsung were the leaders of sales in their category, with newcomers, the Korean brand hopes to save positions.
What special communication and other possibilities similar to those are included in IWatch, Samsung does not offer. But at the moment there are more than 1000 applications for smart watches. And closer to the end of the year a new application from Samsung will appear, allowing you to manage smart clock from the smartphone – now it passes the beta testing stage.
In general, the new Samsung models confirmed several common trends for this type of devices. First, the number of models in the market is growing. Secondly, most manufacturers have no clear understanding of the objectives of creating such a gadget. And thirdly, the cost of “smart watches” will not so much depend on the advancement of their electronic brain, as from the quality of the body execution. And here traditional hourly companies are very in front.

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