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watches tools kit

Hello everyone

Having become the owner of a new watch with a metal bracelet, the first step is to fit the bracelet to the arm, removing one or two links. You can contact a watchmaker or a knife and an awl can easily cope with this task, but there is a big risk of scratching the bracelet or getting hurt. To do a good job at home, it is better to use a specialized tool.

The tool came in a cardboard box, and there was a small amount of bubble wrap inside. I also added a plastic watch stand to the order.

Plastic watch stand, transparent plastic, neat molding.

This set of tools comes in a nylon bag, nice tailoring.
Inside, the tools are fixed with a wide elastic band.
With such a bag, it is convenient to store and transport tools.

The kit includes the following tools

• Clamp for extruding the bracelet pin• Pusher 3 pcs.• Wide pointed screwdriver• Plastic vise• Stud puller• Tweezers• Thin-slotted screwdrivers• Wrench with bits

Clamp for extruding the bracelet pin. Very often, it is this tool that breaks first, the plastic is weak and cannot withstand heavy loads.

The pusher, in the amount of 3 pieces, serves to squeeze out the pin in the bracelet, for easy removal of the pin, you can use a clamp, for this there is a special recess with a hole on it.

The back covers of watches are different, usually not expensive watches are closed by simple snapping, to open them you need a sharp tool, a knife or a thin screwdriver. The set includes a convenient wide knife, very sharp.

Slide the wide side of the blade under the tiny metal notch on the back cover, with a little pressure, the cover will open.

Do not try to insert the tip of the knife, it may slip and injure.

It is inconvenient to hold a small watch with your fingers, for this there is a special vice in the kit. With the help of a nut with ears, you can adjust the distance of the jaws from 1 cm to 4 cm, inside a spring is put on a long bolt. The vise is made of plastic that resembles dense rubber. 

The casting quality is average, there are a lot of burrs, but it copes with its task, the watch is fixed well and various operations can be carried out, for example, replacing the battery. 

There are holes on the sides, most likely they are needed in order to fix the pieces on the surface of the table.

You can use a small screwdriver to replace a leather or metal strap, but there is a high risk of scratching the watch case. The kit includes a screwdriver with a so-called pin puller, in fact it is an ordinary screwdriver in which the slot is in the shape of a dovetail. The screwdriver has several stings, a wide and narrow puller and a pusher. Such a tool is very convenient to remove the pins in hard-to-reach places.

The tweezers are made of soft metal, they bend, they will do for small jobs, but I recommend replacing it with a better one.

The set includes three flat head screwdrivers with a rolling shank.
The case is well made, the working surface is made of steel wire with different diameters, it will not withstand heavy loads, but there will be no such loads in a watch.

The tool is designed for unscrewing the housing caps, it is adjusted for any type of caps using a three-beam sliding grip. There are no complaints about the quality of the key, the key body is made of steel, the rotary handle is made of aluminum. The set includes two types of nozzles of different profiles, round and square.

It was easy to open the watch lid, but it turned out to be difficult to close it, after spending half an hour I did not close it. I decided to use a vice, rubber pads were put on the pressure jaws, but the trick failed and the glass burst.

What can I say, I’m learning from my mistakes.
Now you have to order such a special tool.

Conclusions and impressions

This set of handle simple operations, such as changing a strap, buckle, replacement of batteries and so on.

If you buy separate tools, it will more expensive in the kit is a tool that I will not use, but let it lie just in case, use will rarely, but it will save time and money, a simple battery replacement costs 35-50 UAH.

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