Пластиковое стекло в часах хорошо или нет?

Добрый день, любители часов и читатели моего блога!

In the modern era of the часовая промышленность, manufacturers offer us a variety of absolutely everything that concerns watches.

You can choose from countless осложнения, different designs, colors and styles, and all of this, naturally, from several types of mechanisms.

Nowadays, you can find both classic mechanical watches of varying degrees of price and complexity, as well as new-fashioned digital and analog кварц watches, and I’m not talking about ” smart ” watches and bracelets, as well as various ” fusion ” of quartz, mechanics and digital boards …

Naturally, in all this diversity, there was a place for the variety of glasses that protect the dial – the face of the watch.


The modern market offers several options:

  • сапфировое стекло is the hardest crystal on modern watches. It is also the most expensive to manufacture. Its price is justified by the fact that such glass is very difficult to scratch (on the Mohs scale – sapphire is on the 9th position, second only to diamond). However, sapphire glass has a significant drawback – it is quite fragile, it is easier to break it than mineral glass.
  • Mineral glass is the most widespread in the world of watches.
    It is placed both on недорогой models and, sometimes, on watches that are much more expensive; the vast majority of watches in the world are equipped with mineral glass due to their balance of price, versatility and characteristics. It is not as scratch resistant as sapphire and is therefore significantly less expensive.
    To enhance the performance of mineral glass, it is tempered, so Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex technology immediately comes to mind.

This technology is presented in my watches – Сейко 5 СРПД, Casio MDV and even the king of all “hardy” watches – Касио G-Шок DW5600.

My Seiko 5 SRPDs, my picture
My Seiko 5 SRPDs, my picture
My Seiko and Casio, my picture

My Seiko 5 SRPDs, my picture

  • Plastic glass (или plexiglass , acrylic glass , hezalite ) is the most inexpensive glass. In the overwhelming majority, such glass is placed on бюджет watch models. However, such glass is the most easily scratched or rubbed, which will lead to clouding and difficult to read the dial.
    But in comparison with its more expensive brothers, plexiglass is more versatile:
  • Plexiglass takes almost any shape
  • Plexiglass is very lightweight and impact resistant
  • Plexiglass is extremely easy to polish

This type of glass has been installed and installed on numerous watches, interestingly, in the period from the 60s to the 90s, plexiglass was installed on some Rolex models, including the Submariner .
Now such glass is found on inexpensive Casio models, rare homemakers of vintage watches and, of course, on the most budgetary Chinese watches.

East Neptune, my photo
Vintage Rolex with plastic glass, photo taken from https://www.bobswatches.com/rolex-blog/resources/pro-con-acrylic-crystals-vintage-watches.html

East Neptune, my photo

If we talk about the domestic watch market, then acrylic glass is easiest to find on such massive watches as Vostok Komandirskie and Восток Амфибия.
The presence of plastic glass constantly causes a lot of controversy а также discontent among people interested in watches. Many people say that such glass is extremely unreliable and, in general, the last century.
However, plexiglass is a design feature and tradition of the classic models of these watches. After all, they have been produced for almost 60 (!) Years.

East Neptune and Commander, my photo

East Neptune and Commander, my photo

The installation of plastic glass on this watch is also justified by the fact that the watch is designed to withstand high pressure under water, extreme overload а также shock . More specifically, this design allows the domed plexiglass to be pressed into the case under water, guaranteeing tightness , and as regards strength , plastic glass is much more difficult to break than mineral and sapphire glass .

Based on the above, it can be argued that the plastic glass in the watch is not bad at all. However, only in cases where it is necessary

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