Debert watch review: the full guide for collectors

debert watch review

Good afternoon. Summer turned out to be hot in every sense, it was too lazy to write. It’s getting colder, so let’s start … Another review of the watch. The watch is not expensive, Chinese, but quite interesting for me personally. I hope for you too …

I‘ll start from afar: debert watch review

I have always been impressed by watches with two, namely with two winding crowns at 2 and 4 o’clock. In the vast majority of cases, the second crown is responsible for rotating the inner bezel. This type of watch is often called a super compressor. But there is one thing but, super compressor is not a case type, but a technology for ensuring water resistance, which means that when the external pressure rises, the watch clogs up even more and provides reliable protection during diving. This means that the number of crowns has nothing to do with it, there were super compressors with both one and three heads, although more often with two. 

Who cares, here is a small historical excursion with a photo and the name of the companies that produced this watch: Now this type of case does not lose its relevance, many well-known companies continue to produce watches in this format, for example, from the most beautiful in my opinion:

– this is the middle price category,

debert watch review

– this is what we will call the entry level, well, the top: Here is a homage to this top, we and Let’s consider 🙂

IWC cost about 5000 USD, I bought Debert for about 70 dollars including delivery, the normal price is about 110-120 dollars. Just for comparison: 

What we have for $ 70: Movement: Miyota 821A Automatic Movement Case diameter: 44.5 mm without heads Case thickness: 13.5 mm Lugs: 22 mm Case material: Stainless Steel Glass: Mineral Crystal

Reverse: See Throught Caseback with Detailed Engraving
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
And also a photo at once:

What we see and feel:

The case is round and steel everywhere, the case is matt, the bezel and lugs are polished, the glass is mineral on both sides. 

The upper crown is responsible for the watch functions, it SCREWS and is spring-loaded! Great solution and works well. 

The lower crown rotates the inner bezel in both directions, the movement is soft, but taut, which is what is needed so that it does not spin itself. Bezel with painted numerals and indexes, dial with applied indexes. Lum is present both on the markers and on the scale from 0 to 15 of the bezel and on the hands, while the lum is brighter on the hands. On the back cover model number: DT7919, fur type, company name and WR50. The movement was installed automatic

Miyota 821A:

  • Oscillations per hour: 21,600 bph
  • Запас хода: 42 часа
  • Stop seconds no
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, central seconds, date calendar
  • Country of origin: Japan (written on the fur).
  • The fur is well-known, tested, not seen in shoals. The clock is ticking for sure, for a week I have never let it down.

The strap on the watch went like this: No matter how bad it is and the buckle is not bad, I put it on the BANDA strap in a carbon look with yellow threads, I have it for a couple of years, it was on different watches, I really like it. Who cares, here’s a link: The price is certainly not pleasant now, I took it for about 650 rubles.

Comparison between two watches under $100

Today we have 2 new items from the Chinese chasprom. One is a thermonuclear homage from Pagani Design, and the second is quite a pretty watch from the new Debert brand.

So let’s start with Pagani. Model NE-082 in a new style for this office is, of course, the good old style of Panerai. But – not a simple homework, but with decorations and complications in the oriental way. Well, you know, I wanted the best, but it turned out …

The result is abra-kadabra. If the hands and numbers on the dial are an exact copy of the Luminor style, then the semi-open balance with a grille is already something new, probably in the style of attic grilles from the beginning of the last century. What is the essence of the design – it is not clear, but the thought was probably “to make it cool”. Further more. In the upper part of the dial there is a power reserve indicator, the hand of which is almost invisible, and on the left – the second hand.

At the same time, the watch has an automatic mechanism (which one is unknown, but with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that the cheapest Seagull mechanisms and similar ones, as well as on the Parnis ones) are. Case diameter – 45 mm. glass – mineral water, there is a luminescent coating.

These watches are relatively cheap – about $ 80, which is somewhat cheaper than analogues called Marina Militare. Pagani Design quartz movement has good steel case and good build quality, so if the guys are patient and release a normal-looking homage, it will be an interesting watch for the money.


Debert models D04B cost even less – about $ 70, while the watch also has an automatic movement from Mingzhu (Dixmont Guangzhou factory). However, one should not delude oneself – Mingzhu are cheap Chinese calibers.

Case diameter – 44 mm, mineral glass, no water resistance. But there is a power reserve indicator, however, the arrow there does not reach the maximum due to the peculiarities of the caliber.


Debert watch as the the Chinese version of Bathyscaphe by Blancpain

Considering the new items on the Manbush website, a couple of years ago I looked closely at the white Parnis on a white rubber strap.

I have long wanted a watch with a white dial, since the only watch with a light dial that I have is already under 20 years old and is fed up with it. It didn’t work out with the guy, primarily because of concerns about the reliability of the strap, as well as because of its excessive soiling. There is no problem to wash it with soap, but in my experience, all kinds of rubber-silicone white things very quickly lose their color. Maybe I’m wrong, but apparently for this reason I did not buy them. Closer to summer, the idea of ​​a white mechanical watch came to me again and at the same Manbush I came across new interesting Debert versions. A quick google search clarified the situation. The case design is almost entirely borrowed from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe.

The Chinese also did not hesitate for a long time with the name of the model. Unlike the eminent manufacturer, which offers male and female versions of 43.6mm and 38mm, respectively, the Chinese, apparently focusing on the size of the miyota used, made models of both colors in the size of 43mm. So much the better, I thought, and ordered the white version. It drove long and dreary, I don’t even remember how long, probably about a month and a half. Everything is explained by the seller’s mistake: by the tracking number, I found that the package was delivered, but somewhere in Guangzhou 🙂 I wrote to the seller, he apologized for a long time, explained that she was returned back to him and he would immediately send it again with a small gift as compensation. I gave a new track and after a couple of days everything was tracked again and arrived in Moscow without any problems. It was packed quite acceptable – a small foam box, and in it a watch in a bag.

What came into the shipping


  • Brand Miyota (Citizen)
  • Caliber Number 821A
  • Movement Type Automatic
  • Jewels 21
  • Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
  • Power Reserve 42 hours
  • Winding Direction Uni-directional (left)
  • Diameter 11 1/2 ”'(26mm)
  • Height 5.67mm
  • Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date calendar
  • Country of Manufacture Japan

Bag taken out of the box

Views from different sides

Rotating bezel , ceramic is apparently used in its decoration The

crown is very well processed

The same Miyota The

glass is declared sapphire, the tester has confirmed this

At first glance, the glass is flat, but when viewed from the side, it is still slightly convex in the center. The edges are flush with the bezel.

The strap pleased with the colors, although there are plans to replace it with white anyway. But the workmanship is very simple. Most of all, the stamped buckle was upsetting, and I did not like the quality of the laser engraving on the rings (what is the correct name?) Of the belt.

And although they themselves were made with a hint of the chopped design of the original, they did not make the proper impression on me. Should be more massive and with sharper edges. 

Apparently, this can only be achieved by milling from a single piece of metal, on which the manufacturer unfortunately saved…

Lum of usual quality for the modern Chinese watch industry. Can be compared with Tatovsky

The weight of a conventional watch of this size and with a housing made of stainless steel

Photo on hand is not too good, the room a bit dark had

Accuracy did not check, but given the fact that they are about a week standing in a casket with a self-winding and do not have to fail when equipped, it can be assume that they fit into the standard ~ 10..20 s per day for mechanics without any problems.

In my opinion, a very high-quality watch with a good movement at the “standard” Chinese price of ~ $ 100. With a fair amount of luck, I suppose they could be picked up at auction for $ 75, I just didn’t have the patience to wait for the right moment. And yes, the belt needs to be changed.

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