Выбрано 10 часов занятий для подарка на День святого Валентина

От бюджетного Orient до роскошного Cartier. День Святого Валентина уже в эти выходные, а вы еще не определились с подарком любимой? Мы изучили предложения на Яндекс Маркете, и составили подборку… Читать далее

Meet Apple Watch Series 7. Stronger, bigger screen, faster charge

Friends! Apple has unveiled the 7th generation of Apple Watch. In an effort to maintain its market share, the Californian giant continues to improve the popular product. In short, the world’s best-selling smart watch has become stronger, brighter, … Читать далее

What happens if you wear a watch for a long time?

Can you sleep on the watch? Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! The watch is a widely loved and rapidly gaining accessory by us. For someone it is a tool , for someone it is … Читать далее

Can a “smart” watch be called a watch at all?

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! Every day, “smart” watches and similar accessories ( like smart bracelets, fitness bracelets, etc.) are gaining immense popularity, unfortunately, pushing further and further away from the usual wrist watches that … Читать далее

5 reasons why you should wear a wristwatch over a smartwatch

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! Since the creation of the channel, I have repeatedly noticed that in the comments people often write that there is no point in wearing a wristwatch now, … Читать далее

Samsung Gear S3: лучшая альтернатива обычным часам?

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! It’s not often that I write about smartwatches on my blog . For me, such gadgets are not exactly watches, but rather a micro-smartphone on the wrist . However, one way … Читать далее

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