Обзоры 13 ЛУЧШИХ часов для активного отдыха

“Don’t delay him, girl! Do you know how much time is worth? A thousand pounds – one minute!” They say that “happy hours are not observed.” If you do not look at your watch while hiking … Читать далее

Recon Watch Review: a complete overview

recon watch review

Wristwatches Recon Point Man company Luminox released in 2011. They were developed with the active participation of Andrea Micheli, a Swiss Army Military Security NCO veteran and now a shooting instructor and renowned journalist.  The watch is intended for military … Читать далее

The Humvee Recon Watch is a real couch scout watch!

The Humvee Recon Watch is marketed as a “scout watch” and part of military equipment, and everything is sad here. But for the role of weekend hours, it is quite ok.  A month ago, I reviewed a … Читать далее

Ultimate Luminox Recon Watch Review

luminox recon

Luminox has announced a new watch model called the Recon Nav SPC (Navigation Specialist), which contains such a set of functions that the author of these lines in his fifteen years would simply kill for … Читать далее

ORIS Force Recon GMT for sale watch

premiere classic watch

Himself by their appearance, the wristwatch must be obliged to army (as, however, and other professions where courage and skill are required). And nothing can compete with the clock as the most convenient device for determining time, while they meet the main military characteristics: accurately go and do not break. What would be done with them.

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