What kind of watch does “Navy Seals” wear?

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! A watch is an indispensable tool when it comes to combat. If, in everyday civilian life, the functions of a watch can be easily replaced with a smartphone, which almost … Читать далее

Military watches – nonsense?

Good afternoon, watch lovers and readers of my blog! Many people, in an attempt to “seem” military or look more brutal, pay attention to the so-called military watches . Military watches, for the most part, play on military … Читать далее

Ocean’s Watch and Trilogy – Luminox Original Navy Seal & Rolex

Starring swindler Danny Ocean, Oscar-winning actor George Clooney, in the first part of the trilogy, he looses with the Luminox Original Navy Seal 3901 watch. The first Navy Seal collection was released in 1994 for … Читать далее

Luminox Bear Grylls Collection Полный обзор

luminox bear grylls

At the end of winter, Luminox bear Grylls updated last year’s collection. Created in partnership with Edward “Bear” Grylls, an English adventure traveler, television presenter, and writer.  The Bear Grylls Survival Collection lineup, particularly the … Читать далее

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