Recon Watch Review: a complete overview

recon watch review

Wristwatches Recon Point Man company Luminox released in 2011. They were developed with the active participation of Andrea Micheli, a Swiss Army Military Security NCO veteran and now a shooting instructor and renowned journalist.  The watch is intended for military … Читать далее

The Humvee Recon Watch is a real couch scout watch!

The Humvee Recon Watch is marketed as a “scout watch” and part of military equipment, and everything is sad here. But for the role of weekend hours, it is quite ok.  A month ago, I reviewed a … Читать далее

The best ever watches for welders

watches for welders

Price: $ 124.83 + 20.17 (shipping) = $ 145 Good afternoon. Today in the review there is an interesting (for me of course, but I hope for someone else) watch WELDER K-51 ref. 9101.  The watch … Читать далее

Waterproof watches – myth or reality?

Waterproof watches

The topic of waterproof in the clock is an inexhaustible source of questions. What if the water got into the clock? How serious is that it can cause the mechanism and how to repair wet clock? Is it possible to prevent the flow? Answers to these questions you will find in our video.

Smartwatch or automatic movement? That’s (acqually not) the dilemma

In our world of smartphones, the mechanical wrist watch has already rarely who uses only to just recognize the time. First of all, this is part of the style. Choosing hours, we estimate not their accuracy, but beauty. In essence, we are a work of art.

Ball Watch. Warriors of Light

vacheron constantin gourmet quartz

Since 2001, all models of the Swiss watch manufactory of Ball Watch are equipped with a backlight consisting of trigalight tritium microtubes that can autonomously shine to 25 years. Today, in terms of skill and fantasy night lighting indicators, this brand does not know equal.

Donze Cadrans Enamel Kitchen

premiere classic watch

Of the three main industrial centers of Ulysse Nardin, including the historical manufactory in Le Lock and the modern factory in La sho de the background, as well as their own Atelier Donze Cadrans enamel dials, it is the last stop – the most modest one, but at the same time the most interesting .

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