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In a world dominated by round watches, Cartier has historically been a kind of outsider, having achieved great success thanks to its decidedly non-circular design of the chassis, which includes models such as Tank, Crash, Tonneau and Cloche.

The situation changed in 2007, when they were released Ballon Bleu de Cartier, a watch that unmistakably different from Cartier, in spite of its circular shape.

This year, shortly before the exhibition Watches & Wonders, Cartier presented a 40-millimeter version of Ballon Bleu de Cartier bracelet with an updated and clasp.

Model 2021 Ballon Bleu de Cartier 40 mm in diameter, retains the same body design as the rest of the collection Ballon Bleu.

This round clock, highly polished, with raised bezel and lugs rather short, so you can easily wear them even on smaller wrists.

Bezel smoothly into the protective grille, completely covering the crown, which is inserted cabochon spinel and decorated beads to facilitate manipulation of the circumference.

When Ballon Bleu collection was first released in 2007, it was a real sensation.

Beautiful Clock from a reliable brand became the subject of which can be found on the wrist of each celebrity and secured rights in major cities around the world.

This is definitely the best-selling watches in Cartier category, and can be seen frequently reports that Cartier sells more hours Ballon Bleu, than many other major watch manufacturers selling in general.

Collection Update – big deal.

Cartier presented a completely new 40mm Ballon Bleu with manufactory automatic mechanism inside the MC 1847.

New models of the company will be the size of 28 mm, 33 mm, 36 mm and 42 mm, completing the collection and getting to the place that still was not busy, which should please the buyers.

40mm Ballon Bleu will be released in several variations.

There is a choice between the body of steel or 18K rose gold, with diamonds on the bezel, or without them, you can order a watch on alligator strap or on a suitable steel or gold bracelet.

Watch straps and bracelets using quick-change system, so that they can easily change their home.

There are also some bright new variants of the dial.

And steel, and gold can be combined with dark gray dial and steel watches can be worn with a bright blue dial with radiant guilloche.

Shaped Cartier watches are so much better than any other watch manufacturer.

The new products in the line of Ballon Bleu can truly be interested.

In particular, the 40-millimeter steel model with a suitable steel bracelet looks like a fantastic alternative to a hybrid casual sportswear category, for example, Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

They are still a lot of corporate identity Cartier, but in a round case, which is quite difficult to argue.

Like other models of Cartier entry level, the quality is much higher than the price of the dial hours.

The dial is made in a metal silver color with a pattern engraved in the center.

Minute and hour indexes with Roman numerals printed in black on the protruding guide with trim in the form of sunlight.

The aperture of the small size and the date of the oval shape, is well combined with a curvaceous Ballon Bleu, giving way to dial.

However, the location of the date wheel away from the periphery of the dial makes it clear that the Caliber 1847 MC in too small for the body, although on the face of the cutout for the structure of the crown makes it less obvious.

With a variety of finishes of various elements of the dial silver dial does not look dull.

Secret signature hidden in Roman numeral seven.

Finally, in typical fashion Cartier, sword-shaped hour and minute hands are made of blued steel.

The body 12.

45 mm, providing 30-meter water resistance is Caliber 1847 MC, home mechanism Cartier with 40-hour power reserve, which is 28 800 vph.

Cartier is famous not only for its iconic shape of the hull, but also a distinctive feature of the development of the very first folding clasp.

The emphasis in the design of not only the clock but also their peripheral accessories – another characteristic that makes the Cartier House so special.

Cartier introduced its QuickSwitch system for removal of the bracelet and the strap without tools in 2018 with a collection of restored Santos – similar system is now used in 40-millimeter Ballon Bleu.

Alligator strap and the corresponding metal bracelet are easily integrated in the housing rim, and can now be removed without using any tools – metal bracelet through patented quick-terminal jumper leather strap alligator using spring rods.

As a tribute to the first folding buckle brand leather belts come with a single folding clasp with two triggers and the C-shaped clasp that is cult for the brand.

As in most modern fold-buckles, the end of the strap tucked under the buckle.

Model Ballon Bleu de Cartier 40 mm diameter will be available in the case of stainless steel and 18K pink gold, and precious metal of the embodiment is identical to such steel in all respects, except for the metal housing.

Watches Ballon Bleu de Cartier sold for 4850 euros in a stainless steel strap in alligator leather (5250 euros for the steel bracelet) and 12 200 euros in 18-carat rose gold on alligator strap (25 000 euros with a suitable bracelet solid gold).

Other options available in sizes of 33 mm and 40 mm from the front panel, decorated with diamonds.

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