Rolex Daytona watch gift 拉奥尼奇迪

September 16 in 2016, scientists have discovered one of the largest meteorites, when – ever found on earth.

With a weight of about 30 tons, a massive piece of space material was found buried in the Chaco and Santiago – del – Estero in Argentina.

It is now believed that the region was totally destroyed by an asteroid of about 4000 – 5000 years ago.

Local residents have long been aware of this piece of land, as in the days of the Spanish conquest, used iron extracted from meteorites in the area, creating a weapon.

In recent days, the meteors are already unearthed precious, are in great demand, and are protected by law in the gold and diamond level.

In the watch world, we have already met on the dials of meteorites from the region, on the limited edition Rolex Daytona Meteorite, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar and the Rotonde de Cartier Earth Moon.

In most cases, the wizard only cut and polished the true, innate meteorite samples, then to create from them tsiferblatnye plate.

But the masters of De Bethune, handle the actual piece of meteorite in a known manner, it seemed too simple and boring.

They wanted to enhance the beauty of the unusual material and is, of course, they were able, as no one else to De Bethune, did something similar.

In the hands of the master Denis Frazholle (Denis Flageollet), some pieces meteorite rich in iron and nickel, acquired amazing view.

Dial with him, I bought the blue, and on it you can see the starry sky.

A few years ago, the brand for the first time demonstrated blued titanium watches 5 th class, before that no one else has done this before.

And now for the first time in 2017, among all the other watch companies, we see a meteor burnished disk.

Make blued dial meteorite it would have been enough to impress, but the master went on.

To decorate a meteor blue canvas, were added microscopic droplets of gold, which are reminiscent of the starry sky, and flew from a celestial body.

The housing news, though we may seem familiar, but also, amazing.

At a rate of 43 mm, it is made from the same grade 5 titanium blued.

For such a spectacular hours, a mechanism should be well matched.

The model is provided with the lightest gauge DB2019v3 30-second tourbillon made of titanium and silicon.

They can be admired through the transparent case, sapphire crystal back cover.

Power reserve lasts for 5 days, and its light, clearly visible from the back of the clock.

The model will be presented at Baselworld 2017.

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