Rolex and Audemars Piguet Official continuous price! Chinese consumers are accustomed to out of it?

BaselWorld Baselworld 102 years into the evening.

Local time on April 14, 2020, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chanel, Chopard watch Dili rudder five co-branding announced its withdrawal from Baselworld.

They will jointly FHH (Haute Horlogerie Foundation), in early April 2021 to do a new exhibition table in Geneva.

FHH is the original SIHH’s organizers, in 2020 SIHH just changed to the new name Watches & Wonders Geneva (WWG), but because the new virus outbreaks crown canceled.

Organizing Committee directly into the preparation WWG 2021, and held the same date is April 2021, which was originally for the same Baselworld exhibition and continuous coordination over time.

So bulletin, Rolex and Patek Philippe have explained this new table upcoming exhibition will be held simultaneously with the WWG 2021 in Geneva Palexpo exhibition hall near the airport.

But he did not say directly into the WWG, or to re-draw a region and a new name, it seems the specific form of consultation will continue.

But now it is certain, hold back and forth over a hundred years of Baselworld, after losing the Rolex and Patek Philippe watches and other five brands, has basically lost tables show function.

While its jewelry and some raw materials and industrial exhibitions, but also for still unknown whether, after all, Rolex and Patek Philippe, who is the Baselworld Daikin master.

Industry of Rolex and Patek Philippe’s departure has long been speculated, because to stay in the Baselworld watch brands less and less.

The new virus outbreaks crown is the fuse, and some strange decision Baselworld organizers MCH Group, is the last straw that breaks the camel.

The end of February, when the new crown virus outbreaks spread globally, FHH first announced WWG 2020 canceled, apparently Baselworld 2020 can not be held on time, but the organizers canceled MCH Group did not use this argument, but with a “delayed”, time also set at January 2021, this has been confusing.

By early 4, Baselworld organizers MCH Group sent an open suddenly very strange message, saying mainly because of the new crown virus outbreak delayed the exhibition, but the chairman would have done a lot of work and generate costs, the closer the table The larger exhibition cost.

So in 2020 the participation fee can not be refunded, but in order to support the troubled brand exhibitors, the organizers are given two options: Option 1 – 85% for the 2021 exhibition, the organizers counted the cost of the remaining 15% Option 2 – 30% returned to the exhibitors, 40% for the 2021 exhibition, the organizers counted the cost of the remaining 30% Obviously, exhibitors and organizers had serious differences on the exhibition fee refunded problems, how to solve and there was no agreement.

But these two options given by the organizers, I am afraid that normal people would not accept it.

So immediately there is another open letter, executives from Rolex, investment and logistics, head of Hubert J.

du Plessix, in his capacity as Chairman of the Baselworld Exhibitors Committee expressed dissatisfaction with the organizers MCH Group.

He indicated to the organizers MCH Group decided to refund and not take into account the impact of new crown severe virus outbreak Swiss watch company, nor in line with the Swiss Federal Government and state governments policy guidance.

He also noted that the organizers will show postponed to January 2021 held its autocratic, not with participating brands, nor consistent with FHH consultation, because after WWG with Baselworld to be continuous in time the exhibition has been the original January Show time coordinator to the end of April, and execution to 2024.

The last open letter, Rolex Baselworld executives notice of the fate is about to end.

A week later, the call of the Rolex five brands announced the decision to leave the Baselworld is consistent.

In this latest bulletin, Jean-Frédéric Dufour, CEO of Rolex and Patek Philippe Thierry Stern, president of both left Baselworld expressed regret, but also with the organizers made no secret of irresolvable contradictions and disappointed with the organizers.

In fact, Baselworld organizers have been complaining for many years, leaving in 2018 as a whole Swatch Group, the Swatch Group President small Hayek complained that the exhibition organizers MCH Group charges exorbitant cost of the operation was inefficient, nor the exhibitors business seriously, put a long time recommendations are not reply, and so on.

“Retreat group boom” also since then, many small brands to follow the pace of the Swatch Group in succession to leave.

MCH Group thus in the year to replace the head of the Baselworld exhibition, 2019 fairly safely through.

But left behind LVMH Group, Rolex and Patek Philippe Group and other brands, has become a decisive factor in the fate of Baselworld.

As of January this year, LVMH Group in Dubai, successfully held its inaugural Week watches, Bulgari and later determined not to participate in the 2020 Baselworld exhibition, this means leaving the LVMH group in 2021 was not much suspense.

We all see clearly, participating brands less and less, less and less people will view exhibitions, “retreat group boom” will eventually lead to the dissolution of the group, Rolex Group, Patek Philippe, Chanel and Chopard stay at Baselworld sense is also not big, just a matter of time before their departure, the organizers MCH Group is also well aware, the new crown virus outbreaks much earlier time to make this a bit.

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