RM 26-01 Tourbillon Panda by Richard Mille

Multicolored sapphires shine on the bezel luxury timepieces Jacob & Co Brilliant Rainbow with a ring of diamond on the back side of the housing.

Motley rainbow beauty is reflected in the 49 rare natural sapphires set in the bezel housing 18K rose gold, creating a full spectrum gradient colors.

Every precious stone was chosen not only for quality, but also on the shade, to convey a smooth color-shift effect.

Pearl dial inlaid with colored stones, mounted as markers.

They are combined with multi-colored sapphires on the bezel.

In the center of the dial under the arrows of rose gold are three rows of white diamonds.

The back panel offers an intriguing view of the automatic caliber with a ring of white diamonds.

The crown is also encrusted with diamonds beymi.

Watches are equipped with alligator strap with gold buckle.


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