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[Watch home watch recommend] watch, in addition to the technical process, the design is also the key to victory.

Today, various watch brands have launched a colorful men’s watch, wrist watch each section are the most compelling to share.

Today, the watch will recommend several home air full of watches “show”, the table for you to choose any friends.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series m114200-0021 Source Forum @ tables Friends Model: m114200-0021 Domestic official price: ¥ 39300 Watch diameter: 34 mm Movement type: automatic mechanical Caliber: 3132, Swiss Observatory certified (COSC) Case Material: 904L stainless steel (steel Oyster), frosted Water resistance: 100 meters Table section details: http: //www.


com/rolex/40408/ Watch Comments: Although Rolex green water ghost more boom in the bezel, but their official price terms, or who would like to recommend this color as a color of Rolex 114200 green plate, 34 mm in size in terms of design although men wrist for weeks a little inappropriate, but the smaller man or wrist can get started try to feel the effect is still very good.

The olive green color dial instead add more refined aesthetic.

Breitling Avenger series XB0180E4 / I534 / 109W / M20BASA.

1 Source Forum @ tables Friends Product Type: XB0180E4 / I534 / 109W / M20BASA.

1 Domestic official price: ¥ 56600 Watch diameter: 45 mm Case thickness: 16.

2 mm Movement type: automatic mechanical Caliber: Breitling 01 self-made movement Case material: Breitlight®, unidirectional ratchet bezel Water resistance: 100 meters Table section details: http: //www.


com/breitling/68351/ Watch Comments: This Breitling Avenger hurricane, the disk color is very conspicuous, although Huang wolf is also classic, but for large-size 45mm watch it, or want to recommend a more full-featured timepiece for everyone.

The Breitling hurricane though it seems relatively heavy, but Breitling watch using innovative materials used to make the case, rugged, lightweight.

New and unique full color with cool black case, the whole show heroic posture of men.

Glashütte Original retro series 1-39-52-13-02-04 Model: 1-39-52-13-02-04 Domestic official price: ¥ 52000 Watch diameter: 39 mm Case thickness: 9.

40 mm Movement type: automatic mechanical Caliber: 39-52 Case material: polished stainless steel Water resistance: 30 m Table section details: http: //www.


com/glashutte/68583/ Watch Comments: This new Glashütte Original watch color sixties also very clever, already last year, the brand launched a stunning full gradient green disk, now, this gradient orange disk more novel innovations.

Watch design inspiration from the 1845 brand exquisite art of watchmaking heritage fusion: vivid colors and bold, vibrant, contemporary tribute, praise era.

After watch with gold plating process gives the dial tone, dial the division will be carefully coated with layer after layer of red paint and black paint.

This exquisite fretwork process and ultimately create a distinctive color gradient effect, each watch is unique and exclusive wrist.

Summary: These three watches are very trendy color, small watch big size between men wrist perfectly meet the demand, with the wrist, you are the most beautiful people in the Aberdeen.

(Map / text watch House Tengjiao)

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