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Style and Time.

Beginning of the year master Audemars Piguet noted shine in new models introduced in the well-known lines: the Millenary oval, charismatic and legendary Jules Audemars Royal Oak.

Millenary collection has replenished with two models, richly inlaid with baguette-cut diamonds.

They constitute a complementary pair and the like made for each other, or for him and for her.

Both models features a proprietary feature Millenary collection – oval body, decorated with shiny clothes.

And in the first and in the second case it is hidden under the self-winding movement.

In the tradition of esteemed brand new Millenary Baguette-Cut Diamonds are strictly complied with the perfect balance between refined decorations and proper watchmaking.

Arts gem faceting, undoubtedly, one of the noblest tasks jeweler.

Its primary goal – to highlight the properties of the stone in the most favorable light.

For new models of Audemars Piguet jewelers have chosen the most difficult path: to create the impression that the clock is literally carved in diamond.

To create a pair of Millenary Baguette-Cut Diamonds masters of Le Brassus were selected pure white transparent diamonds, and then gave them to the shape cutters baguette, achieving proportions that allow perfectly reflect light and impeccable brilliance.

But to convey the beauty of the stone, not a single verge eclipsing its surface requires a special system of tack.

Unlike closed root attachment around the perimeter of the stone or tack caste in which tiny cast presses the gemstone to the surface, invisible fastening completely releases the metal stone.

Diamonds are so close together that their fastenings are out of sight.

This miracle of sophistication involves the most rigorous training gems.

fixing secret – in the hollows under the lower girdle facet that clamp the stone precisely in the gap between the directly adjacent stones without the slightest flicker of gold in sight.

The dial is decorated with female models 149 stones in an invisible frame, woven in the motif pave.

In the men’s version of them even more – 166.

Connect pearl zone and zone inlay with diamonds of different sizes gives the dial creates a dynamism and centerless effect: female model in a series of diamonds gradually narrows toward the center, and on men’s watches jewelers use larger stones, following the general mood of the design pair Millenary baguette-cut diamonds.

According to the design of the dial every stone must be a certain size and cut.

To ensure the accuracy of this operation, each of them made in strict accordance with a detailed plan, which is the result of close collaboration between the R & D department and a workshop establishing diamonds.

The accuracy of cut stones up to 1/100 of a millimeter, which is possible only by using modern technology.

But even under these conditions, to create a complete set of stones to the one you want to dial a month.

The principle of the invisible fastening of diamonds on the case and the dial collection Millenary Baguette-Cut Diamonds extends to the mounting ears bracelet, and its implementation here is a real feat.

Since the shape of the curved flanks, setting of diamonds demanded virtuosity jewelers.

To solve this problem, the upper bounds of diamonds they have done slightly convex.

Belt and upper girdle facets were very thin, and it took the unprecedented agility installers to achieve the main task – the slightest glitter of gold between the stones.

The new watch from the collection of Jules Audemar are dedicated to women who appreciate classic elegance, complexity and diamonds shine.

In two exceptional models Jules Audemars Ladies` Tourbillon and Chronograph and Jules Audemars Ladies` Tourbillon brand Audemars Piguet once again defied the laws of gravity.

Collection Jules Audemars, named after the founder of one mark is refined line embodying traditional legacy measurement time.

The round case of the model with gracefully rounded and satin-polished sides subtly alludes to the era of pocket watches.

The manual winding mechanism with many of the details are created and decorated by hand, and classic design lavishly enriched with precious materials such as gold, diamonds, natural mother of pearl and stingray leather.

The new watch from the collection of Jules Audemar – for women who see them as their mascot.

An elegant combination of black stingray leather with glittering diamonds and a complex tourbillon makes the model Jules Audemars Ladies` Tourbillon and Chronograph is really rare, boldly showing his difficult character and sensual charm.

It is impossible not to admire the striking contrast between the baguette-cut diamonds, bordering the rim and stones adorning the side of the body and ears.

Shining dial features elegant blue hands and the chronograph second hand and the hour and minute hands are made of white gold.

The aperture at 6 o’clock delight allows beating heart hours sapphire case back reveals fragments magic mechanism.

The second model – Jules Audemars Ladies` Tourbillon in the case of white or rose gold dial decorated with natural white mother of pearl, engraved spiral motif flinque.

Each Roman numeral numbering hours encrusted with diamonds, creating a subtle harmony between the dial and diamond bezel housing.

Moreover, the opinion draws the aperture at 6:00, which opens a magnificent dance of the tourbillon – unit responsible for the flawless precision of time measurement.

Rather than stay in a fixed position of the shutter (the wheel, lever and balance) are placed in a moving frame that every minute one revolution, to compensate for the effect of gravity, especially when the watch is in a vertical position.

Rounding out this adorable picture of the bridges adorned with a tiny motif dancing spiral, indicating that a very careful decoration mechanism.

And finally, the flagship brand – Royal Oak collection is also supplemented with a pair of diamond this year: Royal Oak Offshore «for him, and Lady Royal Oak «for her.

Dressed in chain mail diamond from the domes from top to toe, these models are designed to dazzle.

However, in them we find all the hallmarks of Royal Oak collection – an octagonal building with six screws, thoughtful bracelet perfectly fitting the wrist, the special protection of the crown .



And these legendary features – diamonds! Since the creation of the design of these models were selected baguette-cut stones, it is not difficult to guess how the process is time-consuming inlay.

And as in this case, in contrast to the new models of the Millenary collection of luxurious furniture not only received the case and dial, but also bracelets, watches Royal Oak Offshore and Lady Royal Oak is a special case.

This watch can not be seen in the watch boutique.

They can be obtained only under the order.

However, like all other new items from Audemars Piguet.


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