Replacing batteries in hours

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Replacing batteries in hours
Why is the replacement of a battery worth a decent money? Is it easier to do it yourself or on all sorts of trays and workshops “Chiny Teapots”? The answer is in the next video from the “hour encyclopedia” series.
The first thing that when replacing the batteries makes in a good workshop – check the water resistance of the closed clocks and warn the client if there are problems. Then the clock is opened. Manufacturers try to make it difficult to open the hours of unauthorized, non-specialists, and for each brand they need their nozzles. If there are no – on the clock there will be inevitably traces and they will lose guarantees. The clock mechanism consists of very fragile parts, and if you open it without a special tool, on the knee, it is easy to bring the clock into disrepair. Then the master takes out the battery and checks it: is there reason? At the next stage, a test clock is performed on current consumption. The minimum operating voltage of the mechanism is also checked. It suggests whether the mechanical part is working, whether any details are not damaged. If these parameters are normal, you can start replacing the battery. After control tests for performance, the master inspects the clock, and sometimes replaces the gaskets, and sets the clock cover. Closed watches are not yet ready to return the owner – they are sent to test waterproof.
All procedures take about 15 minutes.

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