Repassage – not luxury

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Repassage – not luxury
The question of whether the recommendation of the manufacturers is justified regularly to carry out customer service, interests many. We talked on this topic with the master of the Swisservice service network Mikhail Dymshitz.
Previously, people wore watches until they started handle, and now manufacturers demand every 3 years to make them for service. Why? The clock became worse?
On the contrary, the clock has become better! Today their characteristics and our requirements have become different. It used to be enough for the clock to go plus-minus minute-two. Now we want to see high accuracy and a large stroke stock, ultra-thin mechanisms, multifunctionality. Hence the need for service. For example, an increased reserve of the stroke requires a powerful spring, which leads to an increase in loads on the part, wear. Manufacturers calculate the timing of the clock service and develop the service regulations. Service intervals are 3-5 years, depending on specific calibers and operating conditions.
That is, if I do not want special parameters from my clock, I can not go to the service?
Not really. The main goal of regular service is to prevent the wear of the mechanism. In the clock, everything is the same as in the car: or you gradually invest in regular something, and for many years the car pleases you, or save, but once come across the need for large expenses for replacing serious nodes.
Is it fair to compare the clock and auto?
Quite. People understand the importance of timely replacement of consumables in the car, but also hours are also a mechanism. Over time, the oil in it dries, accumulates the dust and metal particles. Then it turns out of the lubricant into the abrasive, which begins to cut the axes, the teeth of the wheels. If you do not replace it in time, then instead of improving the parameters it will lead to the damage of parts. The repassage also implies the replacement of worn spare parts, for example, reversing wheels. Different calibers have specific features that are taken into account in the manufacturer’s regulations.
How do you feel about the principle: “Do not interfere with work technique”?
The thought “Works work – do not need to touch them, break – do!” Promoting small workshops that do not have technical equipment, knowledge and experience. Their logic is simple: broken hours easier to make better than they were, because the effect is obvious. And if the clock broke again, it is already a completely different breakdown. The benefit of the integrated service can be estimated only after several years of hours correct hours. In Swisservice, many grateful customers, the history of whose clocks prove the success of the prophylactic approach to service.
In addition to faults and manufacturer’s recommendations, what else can serve as a reassembly?
The need for repassage we reveal on diagnostics. By the way, this service is free and is carried out under the client. The hardware testing of the accuracy of the progress and the amplitude of the balance allows you to assess the state of the mechanism, the mandatory tightness check is also carried out. By the way, sometimes it really happens that a person comes with a clock that the ideal parameters show on all devices – this is a good reason to be happy for the owner and his watch and invite to diagnosis and service a year later. The manufacturer calculates the regulations based on medium data, and there are people who wear the clock very carefully.
What hours do you bring to you most often?
The main specialization of Swisservice is prestigious Swiss brands. Back in the 90s, we were among the first to develop complex mechanisms. During this time, we have accumulated tremendous experience and technical base, and most importantly our wealth is regular customers who trust us. Somehow, it happened, we had that we were authorized for the maintenance of almost all Swiss Army Directivity brands: TRASER, Swiss Military, Victorinox, Tawatec, H3Tactical, etc. Today is gaining popularity of the service of an economical, partial repack. How do you feel about it? Opinions on the effectiveness of such services were divided. We are in the SWISService network adhere to the classical regulations, that is, complete disassembly and maintenance of the mechanism. Only a full range of work allows you to give a reliable result and warranty.
How long does the service take?
Usually two weeks. Week – Actually Repair and a week – Testing on the simulator socks. All items must be carefully cleaned from the old lubricant, and then apply a new one. Therefore, the mechanism is completely disassembled, the parts are washed in an ultrasonic machine in a special composition, dried, examined, replaced worn and collected on a new one. Before disassembly and after the assembly, the waterproof and operation of the mechanism are tested. The term may increase if some specific spare parts will be required. It happens that the mechanism has already been removed from production, and the items have to make themselves independently, our equipment and qualifications allow you to do it.
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