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Play table, Rolex is always around the past of the brand.

Some people have been deliberately avoided Rolex, Rolex even contempt, but Rolex watch industry is like a mountain, whether you like it or not, it all standing there.

Rolex is one of the most influential brands altar table Some people are also beginning to Rolex little misunderstanding, but after further contacts, slowly “turn black powder,” and completely fell in love with Rolex.

Wang is one of them.

Wang is a junior high school language teacher, responsible for 6 – language teaching ninth grade.

Advocating “read a trip”, he visited many places in the world.

2016 Wang travel back from the United States, a friend asked him if he did not buy a table in the United States.

At that time, he has not hooked on the watch, so naturally, no buy.

Kelpie is famous Rolex diving watch But friends, then so aroused curiosity Wang watch.

Later he began on the watch website for watches, also saw some heated discussion forum of Friends of the table, on the watch gradually became interested.

Initially Rolex and Wang did not enter the line of sight.

At the time of his view, Rolex is the “Tyrant” synonymous with vulgar and wearing a Rolex somehow show off their wealth of taste.

With the accumulation of knowledge of watches, as well as the hard power of Rolex’s blessing, Wang attitude of the Rolex undergoing change imperceptibly.

Wang said that after a certain knowledge of watches, Rolex he found extremely accurate, and Submariner, Daytona and other classic series very unique.

Wang’s black ghost In addition, because Rolex models are mostly simple, very convenient to use.

And Oyster case is waterproof, dustproof doing very well, from the perspective of everyday wear and does not require special care and careful care.

Plus a lot of friends around also wearing a Rolex, this strengthened Wang to buy the idea of ​​Rolex.

Wang once for dinner on Nanjing Road, a stroll around the way Guanya list of the city, just to see the famous Rolex Blackwater ghost 116610LN, so direct credit card to pay.

The whole process cleanly, without the slightest hesitation.

Blackwater ghost has many classic elements of Rolex Try to get started Blackwater ghost brings together many elements of classic Rolex, such as Mercedes-Benz needles, blister and powerful waterproof and so on.

Although this table is a diving watch, but with dress sense and also there is no violation.

It is like a ghost and green water, are “speculation” was more fire table.

Because Blackwater ghost walk accurate, and capable of controlling various occasions, Wang was usually wear will be more.

This watch is accompanied He spent many memorable moments in life, it has a special significance for him.

After buying a black ghost, Wang interested watch more and more concentrated.

By watch this carrier, Wang also found some like-minded friends.

It was the last gathering of the Friends of the table a few years ago, I met Wang.

Wang and his study Wang easygoing, refined man, laughing, classics, poetry come in handy, deep humanities foundation.

He was very fond of Li Bai’s famous Ode to the Moon “ancient modern people but not March, according to the ancients once this month,” so see that section of Glashütte Original blue surface when the eccentric phase of the moon, suddenly fell in love with.

It is very poetic, fascinating.

Wang said that whenever put this Glashütte Original worn on the hand, seems to have a fun and sages communication.

Glashütte Original eccentric phase of the moon Watch diameter of 40 mm.

Unique eccentric dial, practical large calendar, the characteristics of the German table on its head.

Month with the top right, as if the moon hanging in the night sky, remind people of infinite reveries.

Phase of the moon close-up Eccentric phase of the moon internally and externally, not only charismatic front, the back also wonderful.

Open the transparent case back, first of all you see it is a very German flavor, distributed on both sides of the balance cock double gooseneck tuning.

Eccentric phase of the moon is equipped with 90-02 beautiful movement Watch real shot Splint after a hand-carved, embellished with blue steel screws, matched with double gooseneck tuning, senior German watchmaking classic beauty Earned in front of us.

Double gooseneck tuning is not only enjoyable, but also play a role in regulating the speed and polarization.

Whole pieces of polished movement in place, and after a five-position adjustment.

Limited edition Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Wang has been to buy chronograph.

For the preference for Rolex Daytona originally wanted to buy.

Because Daytona is a little expensive, but the market is not readily available, then select a limited edition Omega Speedmaster CK2998.

CK2998 was first published in 1959, three years later accompanied by astronaut Wally Schirra ⁠ · into the sky, becoming the first ever to go into space Omega watch.

Zoran its place in the history of Omega.

While this watch has also become a source of inspiration for new Omega replica table.

2018, Omega considerable historical significance of this watch was engraved, so the limited edition Speedmaster CK2998 born.

CK2998 uses the Panda limited edition plate design The back of the hippocampus insignia It looks antique, has adopted the design panda disk, plus equipped with super classic, and lunar tables has strong roots in the 1861 manual winding movement, let Wang put it down, eventually won decisively.

CK2998 Limited to stainless steel, diameter 39.

7 mm, the main dial with silver sandblasted black and three small dials.

Black ceramic bezel and white enamel pulse meter scale pavilions, workmanship is very fine.

A total of 2998 limited edition watch, Wang lucky enough to buy one of them, and have to say it very fate.

Blackwater ghosts and super CK2998 limited edition photo Despite already has CK2998 limited edition, Wang heart of Daytona Complex linger.

He admitted that in the future if given the opportunity, or want to buy a Daytona.

Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Wang also appreciate the brand.

Wang believes that Patek Philippe in every way to achieve the industry’s top, 6006 and 5227 are like Wang watch.

The ad phrase “No one can have a Patek Philippe, but kept only for the next generation” is also very accent.

Patek Philippe 6006G Jaeger-LeCoultre specializes in R & D movement, to love their big supply through movement.

Flip series of unique, elegant temperament, is also of interest where Wang.

In addition to the watch, Wang fond of reading.

The interest from the study period has remained ever since.

In reading, Wang has two main characteristics: First, more than two is fine.

Teaching in their own spare time, Wang academy.

Since many years steeped in the sea of ​​books, there are hills and gullies chest, put into words, then into a masterpiece.

“Great Song Su and Xin worry poetry of life” Wang is the use of leisure time monograph two years to complete.

Su Shi and Wang Xin are the favorite historical figures.

In this book, he tells the story of an objective system and the two cultural giants ups and downs of life, and shared with us their stories of many unknown.

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