Re-creation of the legendary Speedmaster Apollo XI 1969

Re-creation of the legendary Speedmaster Apollo XI 1969
“For half a century is far more even the OMEGA Speedmaster part of many great moments in which the limits of physical endurance and human courage be explored.

Including the first manned lunar landing in July 1969 and every manned NASA mission since March 1965.

“This hymn praises his Omega chronograph on its homepage.

With reference to the choice of words and the events mentioned in no doubt that his peers are likely to already exist, that it is in this model to a watch investigated.

The cradle of time and space In 1957, the Omega Speedmaster was first presented and offered for sale.

It is a bracelet chronograph hand-wound, which was driven to 1968 caliber 321st Already at that time the movement was conspicuous by its precision, readability and robustness.

In the early 1960s, NASA asked at a number of renowned watchmaker watches that meet specific criteria and should withstand exceptional loads.

The is sent prototypes were tested by the relevant organization.

Only the Omega Speedmaster met all required quality criteria and held all the tests stand.

To this day it is considered the most tested watch in the world.

On October 3, 1962, the Omega Speedmaster leaves aboard the Mercury-Atlas 8 for the first time the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is the Speedmaster with the reference number CK2998.

In March 1965, she is subjected to a battery of tests again, with the result that it is henceforth suitable by NASA as the only suitable watch for manned space programs.

Only a few months after this groundbreaking decision, which the predicate “flight-qualified by NASA for all manned space missions” earned, was exposed to the chronograph at the first American spacewalk vulnerable to space conditions.

The moon dial – Galactic good When President John F.

Kennedy in 1969 announced an astronaut to the moon Send to want, he first earned only tired smile.

The implementation of its project was not only a great step for mankind, but also for Omega itself.

On the arm of the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the Omega Speedmaster Professional was the first watch on the moon.

Since then, it is also called “The Moon Watch” – called “The Moon Watch”.

In itself, the chronograph had already gathered enough references to move into the Hall of Fame of the chronograph to, but in April 1970, there again managed to surpass the previous one.

In the rescue of Apollo 13, the Speedmaster played an essential role.

It took over the navigation after previously almost all systems had failed on board.

Then NASA gave the watch to Snoopy Award, the highest award from NASA to those reserved to provide a substantial contribution to the success of a manned space mission.

A chronograph like no other Since the appearance of the watch has not changed.

Apart from some technical innovations such as the caliber 1863 is at the Omega Speedmaster Professional nowadays largely by the same chronograph, the NASA astronauts wore.

The black dial and the tachymeter are as characteristic as those coated with Super-LumiNova indices and central hour and minute hands.

The dial has a 30-minute counter, a 12-hour counter and a small second.

To date, the Omega Speedmaster Professional is the only part of the equipment, manned in all NASA space missions – from Gemini to the current ISS program, it was, thus securing a place in the history of space exploration.

A special place for a special watch.

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