Chubais and Urgant at the RBC 2016 Prize Ceremony

Favaz Trury noted birthday in Porto Cervo

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Chubais and Urgant at the RBC 2016 Prize Ceremony
On December 6, in the capital’s Four Seasons Hotel, the RBC 2016 Award Ceremony was held with the support of the official business partner – Mercury
The award is awarded effective companies, talented businessmen and public figures that have introduced new decisions and technologies, created a new business area, achieved impressive financial results or were the initiators of significant public transformations.
The special prize of Mercury is a limited handle from the Vitruvian man collection, was awarded the winner in the nomination “State Man” of the Selfire Tigelova – the Director General of the State Tretyakov Gallery.
Among the guests of the premium were Mikhail Prokhorov, David Yakobashvili, Jan Yanovsky, Dark Saur, Ellen Fairbeck, Regina Fleming, Victor Shkulev and many others.

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