In Moscow, the premiere of the film “Crazy from Tiffany”

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In Moscow, the premiere of the film “Crazy from Tiffany”
The film tells how a small jewelry store has become part of world culture.
On June 1, the Russian premiere of the film “Crazy from Tiffany” Matthew Mile (director of the film “Bergdorf Gudman: more than a century on top of fashionable Olympa) took place in the metropolitan documentary film center. The picture tells an incredible story about how a small New York jewelry store, open Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837, became part of American culture and a global phenomenon. The name of the picture gave the phrase of Heroine Audrey Hepburn from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”, filmed in the novel of Trumann Truman.
The film tells about how with Tiffany & Co. In different years, artists and designers Robert Raushenberg, Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, Jasper Jones, Jean Slubberge and Andy Warholl, the latter not only engaged in the design of advertising materials of the company, but also created a unique collection of Christmas cards. The film’s viewers can penetrate the “Holy Saints” of the company – the workshops of the jewelry house and find out how the Cup of the Winners of the NBA – Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is being created, as well as go on a private tour of the famous New York station of Grand Central, for which the company manufactured unique The clock that has become a symbol.
Guests of the premiere, among whom were Svetlana Bondarchuk, Mikhail Druyan, Dasha Gauzer, Natalia Goldenberg, Natalia Torovnikova, Marianna Maksimovskaya and many others, welcomed Tiffany Russia’s CEO Marina Lövochka and curator Special Projects TsDK Nadezhda Nazarbayev.

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