Premiere. Baselworld-2017: IQ test

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Premiere. Baselworld-2017: IQ test
One of the most severe temptations for the watch masters is the ability to experiment with “entertaining mechanics”, with unusual meters and indicators for intellectuals.
Voutilainen Vingt-8 ISO
This model based on the theory of the Nobel laureate, the psychologist Daniel Kaneman, the Finnish Master of Kary Voticilain was represented in January in Geneva. The bottom line is that the dial is better perceived when the arrows are intuitive “correctly”: in half it is shown in the opposite sides, in “Rivne” – are connected together. Therefore, not only a minute arrow moves, as well as its peripheral indication. It’s great, but the remaining 58 minutes have to be very attentive.
Dietrich Perception
Debutant Les Ateliers, a brand, founded in 2010 by Emmanuel Dietrich, presented his first model with a swiss Made marking. Before that, Dietrich was known for bright design clocks based on Miyota. In a new mechanism, everything is based on the “perception” of time: an hour is shown in the window in the left side of the dial, there are also retrograde minutes, but the second variative arrow can stretch and speed up moments.
Hermes Slim D’Hermes L’Heure Impatiente
An additional 12-hour dial at the 5-hour mark in the new model of the Slim d’Hermes line is not a second time zone signpost, but the countdown timer to the planned event. Exactly an hour before the appointed time, the second retrograde timer is included at the “7 o’clock” mark, and the offensive “hour h” marks the melodious call. This module for forgetful built on manufactory caliber H1912 tireless Jean-Marc Viderrecht.

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