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Madonna in the image of Marilyn Monroe Angelina Jolie in Colombian emeralds Charlize Theron in Transformer earrings Amy Adams in emeralds and platinum Nicole Kidman in watches with Omega Secret Salma Hayek in the precious “web” with pendants Renee Zeleveger and her famous cocktail ring Kate Blanchett and incredible opals Margo Robbie in a vintage necklace with tassels Lady Gaga and the legendary yellow diamond Bonus! A selection of the most stylish men’s watches at the Oscar! From the largest diamonds to exclusive masterpieces of high jewelry! The Red Path of the Oscar is not a place for shy.

The stars are trying to attract attention and impress the public imagination with the most catchy, luxurious and fabulously expensive jewelry.

We tell you whose jewelry and watch outputs turned out to be the most legendary in the history of the ceremony! Madonna in the image of Marilyn Monroe Madonna is famous for the love of luxurious and extravagant jewelry, but her exit at the 1991 Oscar ceremony really went down in history.

The shocking singer appeared in the image of Marilyn Monroe in Garry Winston diamonds for $ 20 million, eclipsing everyone at this ceremony! Well, in the company of the “king” Michael Jackson.

Exclaim 037S2762E 3 650 p Swarovski 5117703 22,000 p Swarovski 5568008 32 370 p Angelina Jolie in Colombian emeralds There are, of course, women on whom even jewelry for $ 10 looks like a million, and Jolie is clearly one of them.

However, this does not mean that she should not wear very chic jewelry.

In 2009, Jolie appeared in a black elegant dress in 2009, supplementing it with the most expensive Colombian emeralds in the world.

115-carat emerald earrings are estimated at $ 2.

5 million.

The “modest” addition to them was a 65-carat cocktail ring worth $ 1 million.

Needless to say, the image turned out to be stunning! Sokolov 724247_S 15 840 p Sokolov 92021469_S 4 520 p Sokolov 92022265_S 5 800 p Charlize Theron in Transformer earrings CHOPARD transformers are an amazingly complex cut-the choice of Charlize Theron on the 2017 Oscars-deserve special attention.

Each earring consists of two removable parts: the upper has the shape of a “heart”, the lower – “pears”.

Decoration with a total weight of almost 60 carats is estimated at $ 16 million.

The lower brilliant pendants are removed and attached to the necklace from the same collection.

By the way, The Garden of Kalahari line is the most expensive in the history of Chopard! Kabarovsky 12-11109-5600 66 150 p Alrosa Diamonds 1e594121s 288 750 p Sokolov 94022710_S 1 360 p Amy Adams in emeralds and platinum The red -haired beauty Amy Adams was born to wear emeralds: porcelain skin and red hair go perfectly with green stones.

For the 2011 Oscar ceremony, the star chose a bracelet and a Cartier necklet from platinum inlaid with diamonds and large emerald inserts.

The cost of a set is 1.

3 million dollars.

The vintage design of a wide bracelet resembles a watch.

It seems that the actress’s hand shines not a huge precious stone, but an emerald dial, which gives a special charm to the whole image.

Nicole Kidman in watches with Omega Secret The vintage clock with a secret flaunted on the wrist of charming Nicole Kidman at the 2017 Oscar ceremony.

The Jewellery Secret Watch model was extremely rare, created by Omega in 1955.

The clock looks like a 18-carat gold bracelet generously inlaid with diamonds, but if you press the secret button, a tiny dial opens.

A luxurious accessory worth 137 thousand dollars, the actress complemented the luxurious jewelry of Harry Winston.

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13d 16 590 p Swarovski 5547622 36 400 p Guess GW0249L1 12 580 p Salma Hayek in the precious “web” with pendants Salma Hayek always amazes with its brilliant exits.

And this is not surprising! After all, the husband of the actress Francois-Henri Pino is one of the richest people in the world.

The most memorable was the image of a star at the 2018 Oscar.

She complemented the powder pink dress of Gucci not just a traditional necklace, but a multi-tiered “chain mail” of large crystals, which had an elegant “web” fell on her shoulders.

The actress emphasized with the help of diamond earrings and Harry Winston rings with a total value of $ 4.

2 million to the 20 years of the last century! Swarovski 5482078 15 580 p Sokolov 94023564_S 2 440 p Bellissima Tentazione C/192-220-Br 41 350 p Renee Zeleveger and her famous cocktail ring At first glance, the Oscar -winning Renee Zelweger in 2019 looked minimalist and even modestly.

Elegant white dress Armani Privg © on one shoulder, complete absence of earrings and necklaces.

However, do not rush to call the way out boring! As if guessing about the upcoming victory and knowing what was to pose with the statuette, the actress attracted attention to her hands due to a luxurious cocktail ring made of platinum, 18-stone gold and rock crystal, decorated with diamonds and sapphires.

The author of this beauty is the American brand of high jewelry art David Webb.

The ring really brought the luck of Zellweger.

She received the treasured figurine in the nomination “Best Female Role”.

Swarovski 5395810 15 470 p Swarovski 5537809 19 370 p Swarovski 5582809 18 070 p Kate Blanchett and incredible opals If you already think that Oscar is exclusively diamonds and emeralds, then you are mistaken! A multiple nominee and owner of two figurines Kate Blanchett appeared at the 2014 ceremony in incredible loser earrings, inlaid with dumps of pastel shades.

The decoration for a million looked, it was worth, however, even more expensive.

The actress complemented the image with a bracelet with cognac diamonds and a 4 -carat diamond ring.

The total cost of these jewelry (all Chopard) amounted to $ 18 million! Silver Wings 04QXBG143A-198 4 850 p Sokolov 6024222_S 54 640 p Sokolov 94023208_S 2 590 p Margo Robbie in a vintage necklace with tassels Throughout the history of the Oscar ceremony, perhaps the most original decoration is deservedly a vintage necklace in which Margot Robbie appeared at the 2015 ceremony.

The jewelry masterpiece was manufactured in 1938 for the Duchess of Windsor, made of 18 karatic gold, decorated with 150 diamonds and 300 sapphires forming brushes.

The cost of a rare work of jewelry is $ 2 million.

Sokolov 070375_S 14 390 p Kabarovsky 16-0648-1913 274 320 p Kabarovsky 16-11315-1710 126 420 p Lady Gaga and the legendary yellow diamond The most luxurious and expensive jewelry output in the history of the ceremony is certainly the magnificent image of Lady Gaga in 2019.

At one time, Audrey Hepburn glorified the giant 128-carat yellow diamond Tiffany & Co when she advertised the film “Breakfast at Tiffany”.

Lady Gage managed to return the former glory to the precious symbol of the Tiffany & Co.

She complemented the necklace with earrings from the same kit.

The cost of dazzling jewelry of the Oscar -winning singer and actress is estimated at $ 30 million.

Pokrovsky 3120864-13955 4 050 p DEWI S0920092-DV 3 240 p Element47 by JV Set-1105ed 2 050 p Bonus! A selection of the most stylish men’s watches at the Oscar! Oscar 2020: Spike whether Rolex GMT-Master II in pink gold for 16.

7 thousand dollars.

Oscar 2019: Bradley Cooper in the watch IWC Big Pilot’s Watch for $ 75 thousand.

Oscar 2018: Matthew McConahi in Bvlgari Octo Roma watches for 7.

25 thousand dollars.

Oscar 2018: Mahershal Ali in the watch Santos de Cartier Skeleton for $ 31.

5 thousand.

Oscar 2017: Eldis Hodge in the watch Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 ° in the sapphire case for $ 1.

7 million.

Oscar 2016: Tom Hardy in the watch Bulgari Bulgari Chronograph for 21.

2 thousand dollars.

Oscar 2017: Tom Holand in Piaget Altiplano Skeleton from white gold for 60 thousand dollars.

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