Patek Philippe: 5520P-001 Alarm Travel Time

Presented at Baselworld 2019, the new Patek Philippe 5520P-001 Travel Time the Alarm function becomes a 24-hour alarm in the base model Travel Time with two time zones. To add a new function manufactory created an entirely new integrated mechanism, which became the result of five years of research. Four patent applications have been filed on the mechanism with alarm.
Integrated mechanism requires less height than the caliber with the additional module. Thus, the mechanism is placed in a platinum body 42.2 x 11.6 mm. Caliber AL 30-660 S C FUS consists of 574 parts and features of the balancing spring Spiromax, made of silinvara, silicon derivative. The properties of this material and patented geometry carrying springs provide high reliability and high accuracy in accordance with the guidelines Patek Philippe Seal, which prescribe the maximum tolerance -3 / + 2 seconds per day.
Caliber also equipped with a stop mechanism seconds, which allows the time to within one second. With a frequency of 28 800 vph mechanism has a reserve of at least 42 hours and not more than 52 hours.
Excellent finishing disclosed on the housing side of a sapphire glass lid and includes a beveled and polished edge of the bridge, the rotor of 21K gold new rounded recesses and decorative pattern Perlage.
Travel Time feature is very easy to use. The watch has two clockwise around the center. One is filled with phosphor and indicates the local time at the current location of the owner. Another, skeletonized, displays home time and remains hidden under the hour hand of the local time when the local and home time are identical.
For both time zones assigned a separate day / night indicator (at 8:30 am local time and home time 3:30). At 6 hours is unusual analogue date indicator. Date is synchronized with the local time.
To adjust the local time in clockwise in increments of one hour (at 8 hours a button) or counterclockwise (the button at 10 o’clock), just click on the button marked + and – symbols. Before the button is actuated, it must be unlocked by a quarter turn, which is easily achieved thanks to the fluting; quarter-turn in the opposite direction again blocks button. Watch remains watertight even when the Unblock button.
For 5520P-001 Alarm Time Time, Patek Philippe chose the concept of a classic alarm bell. When triggered signal, the hammer strikes the gong, the mechanism which rotates to 40 seconds with a frequency of 2.5 Hz (2.5 beats per second). This is equivalent to about 90 strokes in total.
the alarm mechanism has its own, separate zavodonoy drum associated with the crown at 4 o’clock. Integrated coupling spring prevents accidental tug. It is worth noting that the new 5520P-001 Alarm Travel Time – this is the first striking clock Patek Philippe with a waterproof casing. To maximize the sound quality, the gong is attached directly to the housing rather than to the mechanism, as usual. This reduces the attenuation of sound waves in a waterproof housing.
Display the alarm function is located in the upper half of the dial. To ensure optimum intelligibility, the manufacturer chose a digital dial for the alarm time. The set alarm time is displayed in a double aperture at the 12th hours. Directly underneath is a round hole with an indicator of the day / night in white (from 6 to 18 hours), and blue (from 6 pm to 6 am). The crown at 4 hours should be pushed in its intermediate position to adjust the alarm time with the 15-minute increments. Turn it can be in any direction.
for 2 hours or button turns off the alarm. A small bell at the 12th clock indicates the status of the alarm clock work: White – signal is on black – off. The corresponding button is stamped a small bell, which has the same shape as the aperture of the display on / off the alarm. This button is provided with a locking device the same as that of the two buttons for adjusting the time zone.
As soon as the alarm will cease to sound, ON / OFF indicator will automatically switch to OFF. Owner hours may go in a different time zone without any risk, even when the alarm sounds.
On the black dial are large Arabic numerals and the broad arrow in white gold plated with white Super-LumiNova, which create a pleasant contrast.
Hours are complemented matt black calfskin strap with contrast stitching and a platinum buckle. The price of new items is 204 000 euros.

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