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Legendary ultra-thin Altiplano watch, 38 mm, the fifth consecutive year, becoming the epitome of artistry home.

Their task – to pay tribute to the incredible beauty of Yves Piaget roses (Yves Piaget), shown on the dial.

It serves as an excellent platform for the realization of all possible and seemingly impossible pans, symbolizing the meeting of two worlds, which are united by common values.

Passion for the exceptional, the desire for absolute accuracy, patience and insistence on the superiority of the name.

For the International Salon of Haute Horlogerie – 2016 Piaget house proudly welcomes in his rose garden, two new techniques: a mosaic of wood marquetry (wood and mother of pearl) and engraved in gold, adorned three new Altiplano model.

Like-to-date and yet timeless hymn to femininity, three new creations perfectly embody the Piaget notions of attractiveness and elegance.

I’ve always been in love with a rose – recalls Yves Piaget, loyal fan of this flower.

His passion has inspired the company Meilland, has been breeding roses, named after Yves its most beautiful variety that was named the best at the International Competition of new varieties of roses in Geneva.

So there was Yves Piaget rose.

Luxury flower with a rich aroma, drop 80 pale pink petals with jagged edges, which combines the charm of old varieties and luxury contemporary taste, became the muse of the famous jeweler.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration at home, instantly recognizable rose, like a peony, repeatedly became the main theme of the collection.

Rose – a symbol of absolute love Piaget women.

Nothing compares to the beauty of the queen of flowers.

In 2012, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Rose home Piaget decided to devote her jewelry collection.

Favorite flower Yves Piaget also repeatedly sang watchmaker.

Manufacture immortalized him in the legendary ultra-thin Altiplano model, demonstrating the art technology designed to exalt the enchanting beauty of the flower on the dial.

It symbolizes the meeting of two worlds, which are united by shared values: passion for exclusivity, the desire for absolute accuracy, patience and insistence on the superiority of the name.

Models are decorated with enamel, art of drawing which is owned by only a few masters.

Yves Piaget rose emblazoned on the dial in all its sensual splendor.

The following year, in 2013, the Piaget house welcomed in their new creations rose garden, decorated with miniature painting on enamel by Porsche Anita (Anita Porchet), notched enamel technique champlevé, paillon (glitter) or pavé of precious stones.

Wanting to again and again to talk about the love of his muse, manufacture continues to produce exceptional, unexpected, extraordinary and exclusive creations.

At this time, it turned to the masters of artistic crafts, which are rarely used in watchmaking.

As a result, the rose bloomed on the dial of silk, embroidered with gold thread using the technique of working with gold wire jaseron, – the first time in the history of Piaget; and another on the dial with micromosaic glass when smalt stacked vertically to create an optical illusion effect.

In 2014, 10 masterpieces were created to manufacture.

Using miniature paintings and cloisonne enamel, the Piaget once again proved that its creative ingenuity has no limits either in design or in the color palette.

Continuing to explore the art of embroidery, the first house in watchmaking introduced embroidery with colored silk threads.

Charming and truly fantastic picture not created with a brush, a hand, but instead of colors – threads.

In 2015, the works embodied in three new, exclusive technology.

Willow beauty gentle rose Piaget exquisitely stresses Grand Feu enamel and guilloche engraved on the base; Embroidery of nodules in the micro-pointillism technique with lace of silver thread; and first used in watchmaking technology – marquetry mosaic of precious stones.

On such a small space as the dial few masters can perform a similar operation.

At this year’s Salon International Haute Horlogerie – 2016 Piaget introduced two new appliances: marquetry of wood, wood and mother of pearl and engraved in gold.

Dial Altiplano, 38 mm, with marquetry of wood and dial Altiplano, 38 mm, with marquetry of white mother of pearl and wood.

In the performance of the master Sanya Roses (Rose Saneuil) marquetry inlay technique is.

It was used in Ancient Egypt to decorate wooden objects: in the tree made the recess to insert them fragments of other material or any other type of wood.

In Europe, the flowering of marquetry occurred in XVII-XVIII century, during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV, especially under the influence of a cabinetmaker André Charles Boulle (André-Charles Boulle).

It is in the famous School of Boole, where Rose Sanya cabinet took courses specializing in marquetry, her inspiration came.

Arts and Crafts Rose was infatuated with youth.

Once I understood the first lesson of marquetry, which has found its way! – confessed artist whose art is limited only by the imagination.

Inhaling captivating aroma of rose and contemplating perfection, it draws a line to prepare wood for extraction fragments using stepwise complex machinery, which possess only a few masters, particularly on such a small space as a dial.

Then begins the selection of materials.

Pale pink sycamore, light red and pink sycamore in conjunction with a white mother of pearl decorated Altiplano watch, 38 mm, with marquetry of pearl and wood.

Master daunting sensitive material, selects the desired shades, mark, each of elements 96, so that after cutting to assemble and put them on the dial 32 mm in diameter.

And under the skilled hand that moves from the edge to the center, working up to a hundredth of a millimeter, and kept picking up every nuance of a certain material or type of wood (pale pink sycamore, pink and light red sycamore), petal by petal blossom rose.

To create the dial each of the two Altiplano models, glorifying the color and design of the charm, it took about 25 hours.

Dial Altiplano, 38 mm, engraved on gold In the performance of the master Stinmana Dick (Dick Steenman) Romantic and always modern in nature Yves Piaget rose symbolizes feminine serenity For me, creating instinctive connection with the golden ratio is the basis for communication with the mother.

This is not a simple mathematical formula, but a deep connection between the shapes that occur in nature and define the natural, sometimes invisible or unconscious beauty of things.

This approach professes Dick Stinman master endowed plurality talents; under his nimble fingers pink gold Piaget transformed into a rose.

For prorisovyvaniya petals wizard uses the tool.

Then, taking into account the incredible intricacies of the dial, there comes the most important step in the work of the engraver: sculpting of each petal.

The goal – to create the effect of depth, taking into account that the thickness of the dial has been reduced to the limit, in accordance with the design of ultra-thin models.

With surgical precision required not to pierce the precious metal, the wizard generates the product patiently.

Each petal worked together with those that surround it, to save an amazing sequence from the center to the edges, which catches the eye.

I do not even need to look at what I’m doing, my instinctive movement, – says Dick Stinman who knows the secrets of his favorite, Yves Piaget roses.

Then jeweler grinds and polishes the surface.

And finally, the most risky, and the main stage, you need to give the final touch – to emphasize and reinforce the corners curves, creating an effect of depth and relief.

As a result, light is born a refined and sensual masterpiece, work on which has taken more than 30 hours.

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