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Why the signs torn a chain with a cross What is the cross falls from the chain Why lose a cross What the cross broke down according to signs What to do with a broken cross Why find a cross and what to do with it The cross is the main sacred symbol of the Christian world.

For non -religious people, it is just an element of jewelry.

For those who believe, the cross becomes a talisman who is able to warn about dangers and protect against evil forces.

That is why many folk signs and superstitions are connected with it.

Why the signs torn a chain with a cross Folk beliefs claim that if a chain with a cross is torn, it is worth waiting for trouble.

Damage to the product is a warning about upcoming problems and failures.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to personal relationships and family ties.

At the same time, carefully fulfill professional duties, avoid conflict situations.

It is important to be prepared to solve all the problems that have arisen at once, without accumulating them and not putting them in a long box.

It is worth paying attention to health: undergo a general examination, check chronic diseases, arrange psychological unloading.

There are other interpretations of this signs: A chain with a cross worked as a amulet from unkind forces and evil eye.

She absorbed all the negative energies directed against its owner, and could not withstand their severity; The chain broke under the oppression of the sins and unkind thoughts of its master.

In the awareness of this problem, it is worthwhile to repent, revise your attitude to life and surrounding people, correct the consequences of bad deeds and ask for forgiveness from the victims; The chain was torn under the influence of negativity, which constantly comes from its owner.

Such a person does not cause positive emotions and is always in displeased state.

He needs to either solve his psychological problems, or eliminate the causes of dis, if they are objective.

In these cases, it is not recommended to restore the torn chain.

It is best to get a new one and consecrate it with a cross in the church.

However, among adverse interpretations, signs are also quite positive.

So, a torn chain with a cross may indicate a way out of a closed circle, violation of the predetermined course of events.

In this case, a person is given a chance to choose his own fate and a further path in life.

If you do not pay attention to signs, then the chain can break for many objective reasons.

For example, poor quality connection of links or mechanical damage when wearing.

What is the cross falls from the chain Regardless of whether the cross falls itself or slides off the torn chain, according to the signs this is a bad sign.

If a cross falls from the neck, then this may indicate the presence of a strong ill -wisher, envious, hidden enemy.

It is believed that in this case the cross protected its owner from anger and hatred.

However, in order to get rid of problems in the future, you should carefully reconsider your environment and, if possible, exclude people who repel and gravitate from the circle of communication.

As in the case of a torn chain, a fallen cross can be considered as a warning about possible troubles: diseases – the owner of the cross, members of his family or people close to him; difficulties on the way, if this happens before the trip; the unsuccessful end of the conceived or great difficulties with its implementation – before an important business, event or event; bad news.

A falling cross may indicate the rebellion and inner concern of the owner.

Envy, resentment, anxiety, irritation, wine – these feelings are constant companions of a person, oppress him.

A visit to the temple, communication with ministers, prayer and repentance in their misconduct and unkind thoughts can help here.

If the cross falls from the chain more than once, but quite often, or if the chain is constantly unfastened, perhaps the owner of the product should look for the cause in himself.

Sokolov 731214_S 24 330 p Sokolov 95120063_S 3 480 p Sokolov 95120065_S 2 020 p A cross falling on the ground may indicate the weakness of faith or its absence.

In this case, a person is tormented by an internal conflict between the baptism imposed on him and his rejection.

Of course, one cannot force yourself to wear a cross without sincere faith.

Therefore, it is better to remove it and put it in a secluded place.

On the other hand, the ring, for which the cross is hung on the chain, is a rather weak link.

It may well be damaged or imprisoned with constant wearing of the product.

This leads to the fact that the cross falls on its own, without the intervention of evil otherworldly forces.

Why lose a cross According to the beliefs, the cross may be lost because he has already fulfilled his protective function as a talisman.

This echoes the signs of a torn chain and a fallen cross.

However, other interpretations can be found: Perhaps the onset of a rather heavy black strip in life; A person torments and does not leave a sense of guilt for a perfect serious sin.

The loss of the cross indicates that it is time to repent of the deed, forgive yourself and no longer repeat such mistakes; A person has chosen a wrong life path or moves chaotic in an unknown direction.

In this case, he was in vain waste his strength and can lose faith in himself.

The loss of the amulet is a sign that we must stop and think about your actions.

Some signs say that with the loss of the cross, the sorrows and troubles that hare a person will leave life from life.

Together with the cross, you can part with the old way of life and get a chance to start everything from scratch.

Such interpretation of folk signs is applicable to people who have to go through difficult trials.

Perhaps their forces are already running out.

And then the Higher Forces can come to the rescue.

It is believed that together with the lost amulet, they will take with them an everyday cross accumulated by man and give him new opportunities.

If the cross was lost, it is recommended to purchase a new one as soon as possible.

Before putting on, it should be consecrated in the church.

A good sign is to find your missing cross.

This means that a person has a guardian angel that will not leave the ward without protection.

Another interpretation applies to situations when unexpected changes occur in life.

The find of its cross suggests that everything will work out soon and it will be possible to calm down and relax.

Folk beliefs also recommend the found cross to hold in holy water or sprinkle it and read a prayer over it.

This is considered especially relevant if the amulet was found not at home, but on the street.

If another person returned the loss, then he should sincerely thank, and the cross is consecrated in the temple.

What the cross broke down according to signs If a cross on the neck breaks, you can most often find an explanation that this is the result of a strong damage that the amulet took on himself.

A person who believes in this sign should not be afraid, but with all his heart is grateful to his defenders.

On the other hand, the owner of the cross is sometimes the reason for its breakdown.

The cross can break if a person has committed a vile act or begs unkind plans.

Signs say that in this case the perpetrator loses its defense.

Her return is possible only when a person understands, pleads his guilt, repents and correct the consequences of his actions.

If the child’s cross broke, do not panic.

Folk beliefs do not associate what happened to the action of evil forces.

Often a breakdown occurs due to excessive mobility and negligence of the baby.

That is why inexpensive wooden crosses are more suitable for children, worn not on a chain, but on a rope or ribbon.

A very small amulet can be suspended in a crib or stroller.

Imperial C5110-205-Br 63 880 p Police PJ.

25482PSB/01 5 900 p Police PJ.

25723PSS/01 3 150 p What to do with a broken cross The cross of cross is a religious symbol consecrated in the church.

Therefore, if he broke, it cannot be simply thrown away.

It is also not necessary to melt a cross from precious metals.

After all, disrespect for his faith is manifested in this way.

However, such things do not recommend storing in the house.

A reasonable question arises – where to put a broken cross.

There are several options: Give to church.

They know exactly what can be done with him; bury in the ground, in a calm deserted place; Contact the antique or jewelry workshop for the repair or restoration of a broken cross.

Perhaps try to restore the most ordinary cross and there is no much sense.

But for a family, dear or memorable amulet, it is worth fighting.

If the problem is a broken ringing ring, then it will not be problems to repair it; If the house has a corner with icons, you can put a broken cross there.

It is not recommended to store it along with other jewelry.

A broken cross is better to replace it as soon as possible.

Why find a cross and what to do with it The found cross is interpreted in folk signs completely differently.

On the one hand, it is believed that a cross directly in contact with a person is charged with its energy.

Of course, the founder cannot know what exactly the previous owner was.

Perhaps he was sick, he was haunted by failures or there was a lot of negativity and anger in him.

In this case, along with the find, a person risks choosing other people’s problems.

Therefore, from this point of view, it is better to pass by the lost cross.

In addition, the cross can be used in magic, for example, to transmit damage or illness.

For such purposes, beautiful expensive products are taken, attracting attention.

But it’s better not to touch them.

On the other hand, the cross is the strongest sacred symbol.

It is believed that it remains neutral regardless of the problems and fate of its owner.

He cannot absorb negativity and transfer it to someone.

Finding a lost cross is a great success.

Such a find is unlikely to meet a sinful man.

This is a gift for good people, reminding them of the protection of the highest power.

If you adhere to the second point of view, then there is nothing to worry about raising the cross found and keeping yourself.

At the same time, it can either be simply stored, or even wear it.

Before putting on a cross, it should be consecrated in the church, because it is not known whether it was done earlier.

If there is doubt what to do with the found amulet, it is better to take it to the temple – to leave it as a donation or give it to ministers.

You can put the find in a more prominent place, for example, on a bench, parapet, hang on a tree branch.

Perhaps the owner of the lost cross will look for him.

Even if the cross was broken, lost or fell from the chain, you should not expect the worst and blindly trust signs.

Thoughts about the bad will necessarily attract him.

And the problems in life can be associated with any event, although in fact the reason will be simple and understandable.

Poor quality, wear, negligence – and your favorite product can be damaged.

It is better to set yourself up for a positive interpretation of folk signs and perceive them as an occasion to reconsider their thoughts and actions.

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