One called “Shawn” Rolex

Marlon Brando’s Rolex to the auction, and the news we immediately think of October 2017, Paul Newman Rolex auction to get past the high price of nearly 120 million yuan.

Not long ago, Fu Yi Andean auction house and watch the auction of its partners Bacs & Russo announced the news, they plan on December 10, 2019, held a lecture entitled “Game Changers” watch special auction in New York.

The auction will be counted based upon important “changer” have different areas, one is Marlon Brando was in the movie “Apocalypse Now” in the worn Rolex GMT watch.

Marlon Brando “Apocalypse Now” stills @Mary Ellen Mark Marlon Brando and Paul Newman, is the last mid-century Hollywood gods, handsome, talented man, obviously on the face can have enough to eat, but why they are acting in order to obtain a variety of extraordinary actor.

Marlon Brando even more are known, no wonder the fans of “The Godfather”, then it is not yet a Rolex price billions of dollars to be born of it? 01,12 pieces of missing the ultimate watch Foreign well-known watch online media Hodinkee founder, media people watch Benjamin Clymer, he has written an article entitled “12 Missing the ultimate watch,” the article five years ago, as a senior table fans summarizes his eyes most influential 12 missing watch force.

Coincidentally, Paul Newman Rolex piece of himself when “Paul Newman face” Daytona, Marlon Brando plays Colonel Kurtz worn piece of Rolex GMT watch, they are impressively.

Paul 纽曼佩戴劳 force Shidi Daytona Benjamin eyes of this 12 ultimate masterpiece by Picasso once had to wear a Jaeger-LeCoultre and a Rolex, former Cuban President Fidel Castro had to wear a Rolex, wearing Aldrin set foot on the moon Omega Speedmaster, Breguet masters then created for the Queen of Naples watch the first one and so on.

July 21, 1969, Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon wearing Omega Speedmaster Statesmen and artists, movie stars, the moon .






watch either worked with in recent history very well-known figure about, stained celebrity aura, or watch itself is the star, 12 missing watch valuable.

Later, we all know, in 2017, when Paul Newman’s daughter and his ex-boyfriend together, the Paul Newman piece “Paul Newman face” Daytona charity auction took out from the safe, Even more interesting is, with Paul Newman Daytona experience is very similar, Marlon Brando also gave him a piece GMT watch his daughter Petra Brando in 1995, this watch again later gave Petra husband Russel Fischer, has since been treasured Russel, never worn.

Petra with Marlon and Russel Fischer taken in May 1998 @ Petra Brando The auction house said data, when Marlon Brando’s daughter was going to the University of Southern California continued to study law, he also wrote a letter encouraged her daughter: “While Rolex GMT is like a tank, I hope you can do Anything you want to do, and continue.

I hope this watch can remind you, I’m proud of you.

” While maintaining good GMT watch original state, dial, hands, watch case none of the mirrors and replacement or repaired, slightly yellowed with time scale luminous signs of aging.

More important point is that the year when shooting movies, Marlon Brando deliberately removed the bezel, the watch is not so color scale ring 24 hours GMT on the ordinary watch.

Marlon Brando Rolex GMT watch @ Fu Yi Andean Table bottom cover, as well as Marlon Brando hand-carved “M.

Brando” signature font carved though not perfect, but it is also highlighting the uniqueness and particularity of this gold watch.

Marlon Brando’s signature Rolex GMT watch case back @ Fu Yi Andean Currently the auction has not yet given a specific valuation, Fu Yi Andean watch department head Paul Boutros in an interview with US media, a rough estimate of the watch is the starting price at least six figures.

02, “The Godfather,” the other a Rolex Six-figure sale price, it is probably several hundred thousand dollars, and a piece of Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, but two orders of magnitude worse, why is this so? Because Paul Newman Daytona piece led a series of legendary Rolex antique table, and this series is named “Paul Newman face” Daytona.

Paul Newman Paul Newman’s face.

@ Fu Yi Andean Over the past two decades, these special disk sixty-seven years of the last century Daytona, table fans and collectors become sought after star, the price rose from thousands of dollars along the way hundreds of thousands of dollars, a good friend , a story, probably only watch more than millions of dollars.

May 2019 Spring Auction on the surface Daytona Paul Newman, took hundreds of thousands of dollars price range @ Sotheby’s And Paul Newman himself a piece of this series is the beginning and the ultimate, it will become the most expensive watch.

However GMT antique Rolex watches and not as “Paul Newman face” this series, Marlon Brando and no piece of similar meaning, its value mainly because Marlon Brando individuals.

Just shortly before the other one is said to be Marlon Brando once owned Rolex watch to be auctioned can be used as a reference piece GMT final auction price.

It was a Rolex Datejust watch, in May this year sold in the United States on an online auction site, it is a Hollywood-related items auction-based site, this log-type watch starting price of $ 2600, and finally the transaction price of $ 40,000.

It is said to be “The Godfather” DJ Rolex watch According shot to send the watch owner said, While Rolex is Marlon Brando in the 1973 Academy Award receive a gift that year by virtue of his “Godfather” of the Mafia chieftain Don Vito Corleone corner, get forty-fifth session of the Oscar for best actor.

Modern steel models with different type of log 18K white gold ring teeth, While the 1960s and 1970s watch tooth ring is stainless steel, the case is still focused on the bottom cover, engraved with “Vito’s” and “MB” words, on behalf of “the godfather” in the role and Marlon Brando himself.

“The Godfather” Rolex watch case back DJ signature Later, Marlon Brando gave the watch to the 1976 Academy Award nominations for Best Designer Award Patricia Norris, when they are talking about friends.

After the 2015 death of Patricia Norris, the main table bought a piece of Rolex Datejust watch from the hands of the family.

The story looks very clear and smooth, but in addition to this case the main table hand-written letter stated, and no other information to prove the above table this experience completely true.

“The Godfather,” the letter explained Rolex watch DJ However, auction results, $ 40,000, 15 times more than the starting price of the transaction, the buyer is clearly still directed Marlon Brando to go.

And coming on the rich arts Sri Lanka beat While Rolex GMT watch with Marlon Brando’s daughter-in-law personally testify, no one would doubt its authenticity.

If people watch for Marlon Brando’s enthusiasm unabated, according to Paul Boutros forecast starting price of $ 100,000 is estimated, then the Rolex GMT watches should eventually be able to get more than $ 1.

5 million in transaction value.

03, clever auction Paul Newman and Marlon Brando these two Rolex, missing two or three decades, why is there today? Now is the best time possible to obtain a higher Rolex sports watch auction prices.

On the one hand, in the past ten years, antique table market continues to heat up, the star product prices continue to rise, with Rolex and Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph represented, you can look at our past article for more reports, On the other hand, it can be said by the antique auction market impact, it can be said wave motion itself popular, modern sporty watch all these years to become mainstream, especially Rolex, Patek Philippe wristwatch brands such as steel is hot.

June 2019, a 5711 / 1A at Sotheby’s New York sold for $ 75,000 at Sotheby @ 2016 Basel Fair, Rolex ceramic ring replacement rims, the introduction of new models black and white disk of two steel Daytona, Rolex sports watch is that this round of boom comprehensive starting point, despite the previous green glass, ceramic green water laps ghosts and other watches are also not buy sight after another.

The past few years, Daytona, Submariner, GMT II, ​​the sea and other sports watch models series one after another presented a table hard situation, the secondary market price further and further high, and even steel section Sky Dweller this sport in the class of non-brand stores is not easy to get a spot.

May 2019, a steel section Daytona Geneva auction turnover of CHF 30,000 @ Sotheby’s Although the various list the new millennium Rolex has been considered the most valuable luxury watch brand, but like today all the people all chasing the Rolex situation really never had.

This also makes the Rolex brand value and influence has reached an unprecedented height, veteran British rating agency Brand Finance ranking as the 2019 Rolex Top Ten Most Powerful Brands seventh.

No one can accurately determine how future sports watch movements, but in the moment, the Paul Newman and Marlon Brando these big stars have owned Rolex tapped to take on the auction market, absolutely can obtain more satisfactory than in the past price.

Accurate seize the opportunity, seize the star product, which is rich Andean arts auction houses and Bacs & Russo powerful place, but also their cause among the stars watch auction market in a few years.

And Marlon Brando GMT watch with auction the lots, as well as a part of a big star Rolex – American golfer Jack Nicklaus DAY-gold watches.

Jack Nicklaus Rolex Day-Date @ Fu Yi Andean Golf may not be familiar to people, but Jack in the United States close to “household name”, he nicknamed “Golden Bear”, twenty years between 1960 to 1970, he won 18 titles.

Found in all areas “Game Changer”, Fu Yi Andean New York this auction, in the United States would get more attention.

“Golden Bear” wear a Rolex Day-Date watch While Jack Rolex watch, Rolex presented in 1967 when he won the 12th title to his gift, all the auction proceeds will be used for children’s charities through charitable foundations under the name of Jack.

Even more interesting is, when the commission rate charged by the auction will also be rich Andean arts and Bacs & Russo donated to the charity fund.

Free execution hammer, beyond charity, the auction house will also receive more attention, gain more market influence and new customers.

04, look at the “secondary market” Auction, especially expensive antiques auction, far away from us ordinary table fans, we are more concerned closer to me modern watches, sports watches but actual prices have doubled or even higher, but also to ordinary table with fans to a little troubled.

For sporty hot fiery brand of the moment, we clarify two issues, one is we really are going to buy it for love or for chasing the popular mind? The answer different populations may vary widely, some people really like someone to pursue fads, some people want to make some money in this fashion in .






Another problem is that we need to recognize that if we really like a sports watch models, how should buy it? Or really want to pay twice the official price to buy it? First explain a basic concept, the primary market and the secondary market.

Primary market is the watch brand stores and authorized dealers.

The moment this time, whether the store or shop counters collection, popular watches are basically not in stock, but according to the normal logic and flow, we only registration information, booking watches, waiting in line, wait a few months or a few years, the normal price to buy the watch.

The secondary market concept is more complicated, the previously mentioned auction secondary market, some of the online trading platform is the secondary market, the line belongs to individual sellers also buy from the secondary market .






places that are not officially licensed brand almost all belong to the secondary market behavior.

An annual output of 2015 5711 / 1A, 2019 Nian London in April auction of more than 50,000 pounds at Sotheby @ And watch on the secondary market, with original new products, but also used second-hand watch, might also have other types of, the actual price will vary according to conditions and product buyers and sellers of game.

And we now see most of the “ultra-public price” and so on, things are happening on the secondary market.

In fact, for Rolex and Patek Philippe these brands, their performance is so hot modern new product in the secondary market, is a mixed blessing.

Demand is a good thing, to prove their products popular, high brand value, subsequent production and sales do not worry; on the other hand, there will be less good feedback sound, such criticism is “hunger marketing”, or misunderstood as market manipulation ,and many more.

A 2015 green water ghost, June 2019 New York auction of $ 17,500 @ Sotheby’s Sustainable development is every company’s pursuit of the ultimate goal, any a great company, will not be immediate but do not qualify for the behavior of long-term development, entrepreneurs will find ways to solve those bad things.

Swatch Group has in recent years semi-annual report said the group does not compromise to the gray market dealers in Europe and the Middle East and other places, at the cost of hundreds of millions to combat gray market behavior, in order to stabilize the development in exchange for long-term global market.

And those of us ordinary consumers and table fans, be rational, calm face of their favorite these watches, to choose their own channels and methods, so bring more joy interests.

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