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Moser & Cie Concept Watch – watch the incredible purity, which are amenable to philosophical reflection and have been developed as a conceptual model.

In a world that is filled with aggressive branding and different marketing strategies, H.

Moser & Cie found an opportunity to get back to basics, to present clocks of absolute purity.

On the dial of this model no indexes and logos.

We can say that the watch is the antithesis of the dial, the overloaded functions useless.

They again returned to simple human luxury in the center of attention, which involves only true and the main goal of watchmaking: an indication of time.

Smoky dial the new watch models in the style of fumé deprived of frills, indices and logo.


Moser & Cie have focused on the luxury and impeccable craftsmanship skills (which are so often overshadowed by marketing campaigns), to remind all that lies behind the logo work of talented watchmakers and artisans who are engaged in the development and design of the dial.

The dial was created by one of the partners of H.

Moser & Cie, in accordance with the best traditions of art design.

Dial fumé style has become an integral part of the identity of this small watch manufactory.

Its quiet elegance as it is opposed to the complex manufacturing process, which uses tried and tested methods.

Each dial is processed in the traditional way, painted and decorated by hand in order to achieve the famous diamond pattern.

The case of this model has a polished and matt surfaces.

The clock operates on the basis of the mechanism that has been completely designed and developed in their own facilities manufactory H.

Moser & Cie: Caliber HMC 343 hand wound.

Its interchangeable modular descent also produced their own brand.

On the dial of the model are no indexes and logos.

We can say that the watch is the antithesis of the dial, the overloaded functions useless.

As Edward explains Meylan, CEO of H.

Moser & Cie: When our customers buy H.

Moser, they are interested primarily in the manufactory watch with an original design created by real experts Our focus on the product rather than on the logo or.


These watches are amenable to philosophical reflection and developed as a conceptual model that can be reproduced on special request.

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