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YACHT-MASTER series, in the Rolex family has been quite controversial.

Product sequence is very wide, very high-end positioning; there are all gold, platinum gold ring with tape, candy circle, there are complications.

Over the past three decades the figure down lower, but sales and word of mouth is not known.

Even lowly origins of black ghost, and now the market price of steel can be shoulder to shoulder yacht Malibu models, Rolex sports models of “true nobility” platinum ring, so why not to be seen? Want to know the answer to it? Look at the video: This is a modal window.

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Repeat with emotion: Yacht Malibu in the end there is no cost-effective? It depends on how you understand the “cost.

” For example, if purely in terms of watch functions and material point of view, then, in 35 years ago, this series is certainly not cost-effective, because the application of precious metal materials, means higher official price, but the movement and function but rather with a generic log or Water Monster.

Where is the difference? design? Platinum Circle? Precious metals between the bezel and gold bracelet? Clearly, these decorative elements, not a lot of people’s eyes, a watch reflects cost-effective way.

But if a watch from jewelry and wear properties of view, more than five million price, if you only consider the function and practicality, you really do not need to spend more money to buy expensive watches.

Precious material and all the details of product optimization, is to feel more comfortable to wear and more advanced visual effects.

If from this point of view, then, on the yacht Malibu 10 million price, there is also a cost-effective watches.

Because with the price of other brands or commute a lot of recreational diving watches, more delicate than the yacht Malibu, on wearing comfort and durability, they may not have a yacht Malibu to the benefits.

This “affordable” prices appear more like a quality ratio, referred to as “product bid.

” Coupled with the market performance this year Rolex steel sports watch models staggering, blue plate platinum ring red needle YACHT-MASTER program, the actual purchase costs and have a common calendar Blackwater ghost is almost the same, this when you will find yacht Malibu seems to be underestimated, price is not bad.

In fact, I always recommend women in the choice of Rolex sports models, you can see the yacht Mingshi series, because there are two sizes 37 and 40mm, and because the case thickness control is better, so higher wearing comfort, polished bracelet application materials and precious metals, jewelry and better results.

Wearing comfortable and looked rosy for girls choose the table, this is very important.

Unfortunately, this year’s Rolex market becomes more and more incredible, after the Spring Festival to become familiar with the store rolled, almost all of the watches are not discounted, even all gold watches did not, then think about this on the mainland market world’s most expensive official guide price, once those cost-effective, can be worn for a lifetime of non-hot steel sports watch models and journal series, are already gone.

Or, that era has passed.

For high-end watch manufacturer with an annual capacity of more than 80 ten thousand, the basic models can pick up seamless, hot off the price of money is really a good thing it? Perhaps not! The trend has been changed, the reason for this epidemic if the market becomes more and more deformed, then consumers will ultimately choose “change in thinking”, a limited budget will choose other brands, will be upgraded to-budget look at Troika .

If there is no spillover effect in the fall on their jobs, Rolex, this is not a good sign.

In fact, sometimes I can not blame Rolex too hard, if you look at the recent rationing scale and requirements of domestic Hermes, or Audemars Piguet Oak various secondary market price, you will be able to feel when we are unable to go abroad to shop our high-end market consumption capacity of the original so powerful.

Now behind the global luxury markets around crying over and over, it is the last Chinese tourists to buy the real deal out of the “false prosperity” work.

So, if we think of luxury and high-end watches too expensive, may wish to close win their hearts to save to save money, such as when the door was opened again, you also have enough confidence to global markets pick up again Jianlou thing.

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