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Panerai Laboratorio di Idee is not noticeable to the eye but a truly revolutionary innovation that has been the result of long research in the field of design and new materials: BMG-TECHTM.

The secret of the material from which the shell is designed new watches Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECHTM 3 Days Automatic, lies not so much in his appearance (he is very similar to titanium, but darker gray), but in its atomic structure, which provides a number of very useful for underwater watches characteristics such as high wear resistance, high strength and at the same time great ease.

BMG-TECHTM – the material from which the housing, the bezel, and its crown protection device – a metallic glass (Bulk Metallic Glass) made of a special alloy, which during manufacture is prevented crystallization, i.


no atoms are collected in regular geometric structure.

This alloy (consisting of zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium, and nickel) is subjected to injection of high pressure at high temperature and then cooled for a few seconds, so the atoms do not have time to assemble into an ordered, regular structure as usually happens when the formation of crystals.

It is in such a chaotic structure of the material is the secret of its properties: in particular, the extremely high corrosion resistance, strength, resistance to external damage and magnetic fields.

Thus, it provides additional advantages for the owner of hours that provide excellent quality of work and time are beyond.

Innovative Properties BMG-TECHTM material provide additional information pattern with rich technical equipment constructed in easily recognizable Panerai style.

New underwater watches with guaranteed water resistance up to 30 bar (depth about 300 m) equipped with a bezel with a graduated scale to the dive time, which only rotates counterclockwise, the window display position 3 o’clock dates and second counter at position 9 o’clock .

A clear mark on a blue dial with a new polished surface, which creates a fascinating play of reflections makes it easy to read the time and provides excellent readability even in the dark.

This is made possible through the use of the marks on the two different types of coating Super-LumiNova®, making it easy to define the reference point for measurement of time and calculate dive time.


9010 mechanism, automatic caliber with three-day power reserve, entirely created by the manufactory Panerai Haute Horlogerie.

Caliber diameter 13¾ lines and 6 mm thick, which reduces the thickness of the shell is composed of 200 and 31 parts of stone.

Balance fixed bridge with two pillars, varies with the frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour).

It is connected to a device which immediately stops the balance readings for synchronization with a time signal by pulling the crown hours.

In addition, it is possible to easily carry out the clock setting with the help of a device that moves clockwise in steps of one hour forward or backward without affecting the progress of the minute hand.

This feature is particularly useful when changing time zones or daylight saving and standard time, especially because when you set up the time automatically changes the date.

Rear cover new clock Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECHTM 3 Days Automatic (PAM 00,692) is made of titanium, and the strap is made of black rubber.

Specifications PAM 00692 Movement Automatic Movement, Caliber P.

9010, exclusive Panerai manufacture Functions hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, the counting duration of immersion Housing diameter 47 mm, BMG-TECHTM Clock face Blue with overhead hour markers with luminescent coating.

Date indicator in position 3 o’clock, second counter at position 9 o’clock Power reserve 72 hours Water resistant to 300 meters

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